Reported for not wearing a mask

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Lykkeli123 Mon 02-Aug-21 08:40:41

By an Uber driver, I haven’t worn a mask since the 19th July, I was stupid to forget to take one in my Uber as I know they still require them.

The driver was friendly, he didn’t ask me to wear a mask at any point, then a few days later I got an email from Uber saying I had been reported by a driver for not wearing one.

I totally understand that i should have put one on as it’s their policy. However I don’t get why the driver didn’t just politely ask me in the task to wear one? Why be all laughing and joking and then report me.

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PotteringAlong Mon 02-Aug-21 08:41:44

Because he didn’t want the confrontation of someone kicking off, and he didn’t know you wouldn’t.

Lykkeli123 Mon 02-Aug-21 08:42:23

It’s not their mask policy that is the issue, but I’ve had it before where instead of simply asking you, they rush to report you.

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Iggly Mon 02-Aug-21 08:42:46

Maybe he didn’t want to have an argument.

I know this sounds terrible, but those who don’t wear masks tend to be more opinionated about their “right” not to wear one.

Lykkeli123 Mon 02-Aug-21 08:42:57

I can’t imagine many people would kick off for being politely asked to put a mask on? If they do then that’s awful really.

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Lykkeli123 Mon 02-Aug-21 08:43:40

I wore one when I went abroad lately, I always wear it where it’s still mandatory it just slipped my mind on this occasion.

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Whichjab Mon 02-Aug-21 08:44:01

Because he thought you were one of the people who don't give a fuck for rules or his saftey so were unlikely to acquiesce


MrsSkylerWhite Mon 02-Aug-21 08:44:23

Of course some people do.
Taxi drivers shouldn’t have to deal with aggression.

Lykkeli123 Mon 02-Aug-21 08:44:50

There was no aggression from me.

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DeathStare Mon 02-Aug-21 08:45:19


I can’t imagine many people would kick off for being politely asked to put a mask on? If they do then that’s awful really.

Really???? Turn on social media. Lots of people kick off.

JackieCollinshasnoauthority Mon 02-Aug-21 08:45:48

What's the consequence of being reported?

VividGemini Mon 02-Aug-21 08:45:50


I can’t imagine many people would kick off for being politely asked to put a mask on? If they do then that’s awful really.

Would you have put one on or left the car if he asked?

Lykkeli123 Mon 02-Aug-21 08:45:55

Not on mine

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DiscoStusMoonboots Mon 02-Aug-21 08:45:55

I agree with PP. Not a personal slight on you, but the driver clearly didn't want to risk any altercation by asking you in person. I've seen two physical fights on the tube in London over people refusing to wear masks, so it does happen (although hopefully rarely).

Lesson learned, just remember your mask next time.

Whatwouldscullydo Mon 02-Aug-21 08:47:09

They aren't law any more are they ?

And surely all they can do is ask. What if you were exempt.

I cant see how anything will come from the report

Congressdingo Mon 02-Aug-21 08:47:51


There was no aggression from me.

How would the driver know?
You could do a fair bit of damage to his car if you did kick off. Why risk it?

MaliceOrgan Mon 02-Aug-21 08:47:53

their confirmation text reminds you to wear a mask so I don't see how you could 'forget'.

Orf1abc Mon 02-Aug-21 08:48:13

I'm sure that you were not aggressive, but how does he know that you would not become so if asked?

Taxi drivers are regularly beaten or verbally abused. It's understandable that they're not going to do something that might antagonise a passenger.

BeyondMyWits Mon 02-Aug-21 08:48:22

You chose not to protect him, would think of that being aggressive enough.

They require one, you didn't wear one. He followed procedure (report, do not confront), you did not.

CliftonGreenYork Mon 02-Aug-21 08:49:05

I work in John Lewis (the home of middle class england) and one of my staff was spat at by a middle aged woman for simply asking her to wear a mask. You have no idea how horrible some people can be.

LongTimeMammaBear Mon 02-Aug-21 08:49:22

The Uber driver doe not know you personally so had no way of knowing that you’d kick off and have an argument with him. Clearly you knew of the policy and forgot. However, the driver wouldn’t know you “forgot” or did not wear a mask purposefully. It has now been pointed out to you multiple times that year driver may not have wanted aggravation. Keeping a few masks on you will solve any issue going forward.

clickychicky Mon 02-Aug-21 08:49:25

He doesn't know you. You could have kicked off at him if he asked.

Orf1abc Mon 02-Aug-21 08:49:30

I cant see how anything will come from the report

It's a gentle reminder not to do it again.

ClumpingBambooIsALie Mon 02-Aug-21 08:49:36

His perspective, perhaps:

You've already demonstrated your disregard for the rules and other people's safety by not wearing a mask, so you're likely to be a rule-breaking kind of person and the sort of person to kick off and/or unfairly damage his rating.

Unfair maybe but understandable?

DonLewis Mon 02-Aug-21 08:49:37

Has it affected your passenger rating?

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