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AIBU to ask what the 'function' of these adult pyjamas is?!

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DameBaggySmith Mon 30-Nov-20 21:15:58

So these popped up in my Facebook market place...

It seems the flap is only at the back hmm

Also the fact that 190 people decided to review them yesterday saying how utterly brilliant they are without mentioning the flap is intriguing!


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Dizzywizz Mon 30-Nov-20 21:25:07

Does the flap go all the way under, so you don’t need to take the whole thing off, whether you need a wee or a poo?

CounsellorTroi Mon 30-Nov-20 21:25:10

Strange, my first thought was that so you can go to the loo without needing to pull the whole thing down, but the flap doesn't look big enough for that!

Diverseduvet Mon 30-Nov-20 21:26:48

A shag in winter?

ihatesandpits Mon 30-Nov-20 21:30:56

Poo flap? grin

NothingTraLaLa Mon 30-Nov-20 21:30:59

Intrigued that one of the reviewers says that she bought a pair as a Mother's Day present for her mum!

NothingIsGoing2GetBetterItsNot Mon 30-Nov-20 21:33:31

Every single review that mentions pyjamas spells them 'pajamas'...hmm I suspect foul play

joystir59 Mon 30-Nov-20 21:33:34

Anal sex flap?

DiscustinHunAmFummin Mon 30-Nov-20 21:34:13

I love that all the reviewers love their 'Pajamas' even the customer who bought them as a gift for their mum! grin

joystir59 Mon 30-Nov-20 21:34:37

They are in a similar vein to the Wank Tent

Batfinklestein Mon 30-Nov-20 21:35:02

When you sit down, the flap would kind of be under your undercarriage.
So I think you could pee whilst wearing it. I don’t think the bum flap is just for undercarriage access grin

slashlover Mon 30-Nov-20 21:36:07

Sex. Checkout the rest of the site, even the activewear tops are mostly waist trainers.

Hailtomyteeth Mon 30-Nov-20 21:36:12

Well, I'd look a bugger in those.

CoconutGrove Mon 30-Nov-20 21:36:49

I'm glad that Christine Pickering enjoyed her anal sex flap pjs so much she reviewed them twice an hour apart

Bvop Mon 30-Nov-20 21:37:09

1. Every single review is 5*
2. All reviews were made in the last 7 days
3. Some uncommon names such as Lili are used over and over in the reviews.
4. The reviews are all of a similar length
5. The reviews make the same grammatical error repeatedly, referring to pyjamas as a singular noun.

Doesn’t strike me as a wholly convincing enterprise.

SunsetBeetch Mon 30-Nov-20 21:37:48

"Functional" eh?

Imagine buying those for your mother grin

slashlover Mon 30-Nov-20 21:38:44


Every single review that mentions pyjamas spells them 'pajamas'...hmm I suspect foul play

It's an American site, pajamas is the American English spelling.

itchyfinger Mon 30-Nov-20 21:39:18

A lot of elderly mothers own these pajamas apparently

DiscustinHunAmFummin Mon 30-Nov-20 21:40:03

aimy Mcsadil was so pleased she came back every day to write a new review wink

WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Mon 30-Nov-20 21:42:04

There was an interesting piece on TV the other night about Amazon, unfortunately I wasn't paying enough attention, but it was explaining how reviews get attached to other items it was amazing. Some products they reported had thousands if reviews, but once they'd been unlatched they had none!

I suspect this is the same.

Looking at different colours of the pj's you can see it's clearly only a back flap (not underneath)

Handy fir staying warm during anal on all fours I guess...

They won't be in Granny's stocking!!

PatsyJStone Mon 30-Nov-20 21:42:08

Is Christine Pickering Ronnie wife?

EveryDayIsADuvetDay Mon 30-Nov-20 21:44:11

do I detect that some posters are put off of buying because of the suspicious reviews?
Or is it just that they look uncomfortable, cheap and chavvy?

Nottherealslimshady Mon 30-Nov-20 21:44:21

Sex and going to the toilet. I hate that I have to take my onesie off for a wee!

Letsgomaths Mon 30-Nov-20 21:46:53

A little bird tells me that sometimes those who like kinky spanking wear such pyjamas - easy access.

Lalalatte Mon 30-Nov-20 21:47:45

Easy access to the commode

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