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Help! Anyone ! The local police just called me

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Mydoghasbettereyebrowsthanme Sun 24-May-20 01:53:20

Exactly that - my DH went out when I was washing up and have not heard from him since . That was about 830-9. Eight minutes ago a woman rang me and said that he was at the local police station , they couldn't say why and that he was fine. That he would call me in the morning . I can't speak to him he is asleep and no one is hurt and he is ok but they could not ring earlier as they have been busy . What does this even mean ??? Why would they call to say that ? Am panicked and thinking up alsorts and unlikely to sleep now . Can anyone help me ? Please xx

Pumpkintopf Sun 24-May-20 01:55:51

Oh my goodness op no wonder your mind is working overtime. Do you have dc at home with you that you can't leave? Would it be worth ringing them back to explain the stress this is placing you under and try to get additional details ?

Aquamarine1029 Sun 24-May-20 01:56:34

It can't be great news, can it? The police don't bring you to the station to have a fun sleepover. All you can do is wait for the morning and hope he hasn't done something really stupid. At least you know he's safe.

beethecrackon24995 Sun 24-May-20 01:57:01

If it was me I would find the number of the local station and phone them to confirm and then plead with them to at least tell me if he has been arrested. Possibly he was found drunk or brawling so they have locked him up over night as punishment?

Mydoghasbettereyebrowsthanme Sun 24-May-20 01:58:42

Oh god thank you pumpkintopf for your friendly voice in the middle of the night! X Unfortunately yes have 3 cc hildren in bed and I have had a glass of wine anyway so can't drive. Is it a normal thing to do ? The number was withheld and the woman did not identify herself -could it have been a hoax ?

Mydoghasbettereyebrowsthanme Sun 24-May-20 01:58:59

Starting to think I am going bonkers !

Saturns Sun 24-May-20 01:59:31

Unfortunately if he's an adult they won't tell you why he's there (it will be up to him whether he wants you to know). If he's there at least you know he's safe for the night.

BakedCam Sun 24-May-20 01:59:32


He has been detained by the Police? They wont be able to tell you what for. It is his information, sounds like it was his call that is allowed.

He could have been detained for lots of reasons. How was he? How is his state of mind?

You says he went out at 8.30pm? What was he going out for?

Sparklesocks Sun 24-May-20 02:00:11

Oh how horrible, from your description it does sound like he’s possibly been arrested as why else would they keep him in? When you say went out did you know where he was going? surely there’s only so many places he could’ve gone during lockdown?

Pumpkintopf Sun 24-May-20 02:00:12

If it was a hoax it was an extremely unkind one. Does your husband's mobile have a 'find my friends' type app on it so you could verify where he is? I'm so sorry, this must be incredibly stressful.

loutypips Sun 24-May-20 02:00:24

Had he been drinking? Did he go out in the car?
Did you know he was going out or did he just disappear? Sorry for all the questions!
How annoying that they won't tell you, but if they are keeping him in the cells it's likely that he's been arrested...

Aquamarine1029 Sun 24-May-20 02:00:31

I would all the station and try to get more information. If they can't tell you what he's been detained for, hopefully they will at least confirm he's there.

Mydoghasbettereyebrowsthanme Sun 24-May-20 02:00:55

Thank you for responding - why do you think that they can't tell me ? Is that dodgy in itself ? We are in lockdown - how can he have got to the point where he was arrested of noone is around an the pubs are bloody shut ?? It doesn't make any sense !!

Sadie789 Sun 24-May-20 02:01:27

I think it’s strange they can’t tell you if he’s been arrested or not. I would try phoning the station like a PP said to see if you get the same story or a more sympathetic person to speak to.

What did he go out for?

Have you tried his mobile?

Aquamarine1029 Sun 24-May-20 02:01:33

*call the station

ladybird69 Sun 24-May-20 02:01:41

Here’s a hand to hold @Mydoghasbettereyebrowsthanme. Why did your husband go out? Is it about lockdown? I would ring police station and ask what’s going on? If he’s not under arrest why can’t he come home?

CarrieMoonbeams Sun 24-May-20 02:01:48

Where had he gone when he went out OP?

I'm wondering if he'd gone for a (socially distanced) drink to a family member's and got caught doing a street pee on the walk home?

Sparklesocks Sun 24-May-20 02:01:59

Does he have form for disappearing for an entire evening and leaving you/kids at home without even a text? You must’ve been going out of your mind when he didn’t come back

Mydoghasbettereyebrowsthanme Sun 24-May-20 02:02:09

Good points - yes he was a bit pissed. I thought he went out to get more wine.

Aquamarine1029 Sun 24-May-20 02:02:19

Why did he go out in the first place? Where would he have gone?

Aquamarine1029 Sun 24-May-20 02:02:54

Was he driving?

XDownwiththissortofthingX Sun 24-May-20 02:03:00

Pissed/Fighting/Breach of the Peace would be my guess.

If so they'll give him breakfast in the morning, take his DNA, charge him and release him, Should be home by lunch.

Don't ask me how I know grin

Try not to worry too much.

Mydoghasbettereyebrowsthanme Sun 24-May-20 02:03:22

Just checked - his bloody car is not parked outside . Fuck fuck fuck . Could it be drink driving ????? Oh god that is the bloody worst. I thought he would bloody walk ...oh no sad

Sparklesocks Sun 24-May-20 02:03:22

Did you try and call him when he wasn’t back from getting wine after say an hour? Sorry for all the questions just trying to get the full picture

Pumpkintopf Sun 24-May-20 02:04:18

Would they really detain overnight for something as relatively minor as that though, particularly given lockdown and social distancing etc? Hand hold here too op.

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