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The best music video of all time

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PrincessHoneysuckle Fri 13-Mar-20 19:33:57

Aibu to say its "Crazy" by Aerosmith.Its a sexy mini film and imo the best.
Anyone want to suggest others?

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sageandroses Fri 13-Mar-20 19:38:20

I thought of Crazy immediately and clicked to comment! Great minds grin

PrincessHoneysuckle Fri 13-Mar-20 19:39:46

Yes! I'm heterosexual and I fancy liv and alicia in that grin

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julsey8 Fri 13-Mar-20 19:42:38

Always by Bon Jovi grin

Bella2020 Fri 13-Mar-20 19:43:01

I love the videos for Don Henley's Boys Of Summer and Foo Fighters' Learn To Fly.

MummBraTheEverLeaking Fri 13-Mar-20 19:44:08

Foo Fighters Everlong is definitely up there.

PrincessHoneysuckle Fri 13-Mar-20 19:45:13

@jusey8 I was 15 when that came out

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Binterested Fri 13-Mar-20 19:46:35

Aha Take On Me grin I am that old.

AntMansVan Fri 13-Mar-20 19:46:54

Wild Wild West.

DettolsYourFriend Fri 13-Mar-20 19:46:56

As dubious as I am about MJ, thriller will always be a masterpiece, I loved it as a kid. Though I feel like it's tainted now.

ShinyMe Fri 13-Mar-20 19:47:08

Nope. It's Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm on Fire'

you're welcome.

SwingoutSisterSledge Fri 13-Mar-20 19:48:07

I hate to say it but the music video for Thriller by Michael Jackson was brilliant and ground breaking.

BumpkinSpiceBatty Fri 13-Mar-20 19:48:21

November rain. All the drama and big hair!

LellyMcKelly Fri 13-Mar-20 19:49:07

Aha’s Take on Me is the stone cold best video of all time. Mr Brightside second.

CatBatCat Fri 13-Mar-20 19:49:44

Chemical brothers Hey Boy Hey Girl

ThanosSavedMe Fri 13-Mar-20 19:50:12

I got my belly button pierced after seeing the crazy video 😳

bizzybuzzy Fri 13-Mar-20 19:50:22


Duckdown Fri 13-Mar-20 19:51:25

Love is a battlefield - Pat Benetar

ShipshapeShore Fri 13-Mar-20 19:51:58

Ooh good ones. Liv Tyler is gorgeous, love that one. And it's so 90s! The poor tortured arsonist whose girlfriend cheated with the long haired painter in Always is good too.

Signal Fire by Snow Patrol is good - it's a school play of Spiderman. And I love the song.

AgeLikeWine Fri 13-Mar-20 19:52:06

The 80s & early 90s were the glory days of music videos, and both my favourites are from that era, Thriller & November Rain.

PrincessHoneysuckle Fri 13-Mar-20 19:52:18

Theres so many excellent songs but not so many videos.

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IAmcuriousyellow Fri 13-Mar-20 19:53:56

Primal Scream’s Country Girl! I can’t remember her name but the model is gorgeous beyond words and there’s a rude version that’s hard to find in the UK but that is just the best music video I ever did see

Lifeasweknow Fri 13-Mar-20 19:54:01

I love the video to Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

PrincessHoneysuckle Fri 13-Mar-20 19:55:06

Me and dh have been watching 80s and 90svideos on YouTube tonight.Roxette and Meatloaf featured heavily as did the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.The videos were crap though!

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SinglePringle Fri 13-Mar-20 19:55:18

Just You Tube’d ‘Crazy’. God, I’d forgotten what an amazing video it was! Epitome of the mid-West American Freedom / Good Old Country Girls dream.

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