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Father's for justice...WT actual F

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Smithtylater Mon 17-Feb-20 00:20:05

Just checked out their instagram page (f4jofficial) after this Caroline Flack/kerry Katona thing. Wtf have they become? They seem like an extremist group trolling female celebrities with gossip nonsense .They seem to hate everyone with a vagina! I remember when they were a few blokes climbing up buildings dressed up as batman. And they are a 'charity'!!

NeverTwerkNaked Mon 17-Feb-20 00:24:06

They always have been fairly awful.

looondonn Mon 17-Feb-20 00:25:14


Bunch of thugs 😡😡😡

MickCarter Mon 17-Feb-20 00:28:03

They’ve always been awful, they’re more like an MRA or MGTOW group than a support group. Just search F4J on mumsnet, never mind the rest of the internet and you see some awful things they do and say.

knowmenclature Mon 17-Feb-20 00:28:25

What I've seen over the years is that they act pretty abusively to women, so its truly horrifying that they have secured a charity status to get funding to abuse women.

Many perpetrators have joined them. What an abuse of the system of charity funding, makes a total mockery of it really doesn't it.

Smithtylater Mon 17-Feb-20 00:28:45

Its honestly disgraceful! And why even involve Caroline and her fiance? They didnt have kids! They obviously hate women...tagging womensaid in articles about her saying 'what have you got to say about this'. Bullying pigs..

Smithtylater Mon 17-Feb-20 00:34:09

They have their next target...Chantelle Houghton! Tbh though would you want your child to be around Alex Reid ??!?

pumpkinbump Mon 17-Feb-20 00:39:32

Probably the reason disgusting drug taking abusive father's are allowed unsupervised access to their children.

PyongyangKipperbang Mon 17-Feb-20 00:45:07

Incels by any other name.

megletthesecond Mon 17-Feb-20 00:54:44

I saw them (him?) go after a tv presenter a few years ago.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Mon 17-Feb-20 00:58:07

What do you mean "become"? They've always been nutters.

1000atfc5423 Mon 17-Feb-20 00:59:43

Not much different from al-Qaeda and it's time the government and media treated them as the extremists they are... instead of playing footsie with them.

ScarlettSahara Mon 17-Feb-20 01:00:41

They are a vile bunch. Friend with kids who got divorced reckoned her ex was getting advice from them on how to break her. He did some nasty stuff.

Ofthread Mon 17-Feb-20 01:01:24

Kind of vigilante group

knowmenclature Mon 17-Feb-20 01:14:42

How would anyone know that Scarlett ?

I mean, I have heard it before about many incel/anti women type groups online, but you'd have no way of knowing would you?

FreshFancyFrogglette Mon 17-Feb-20 01:22:04

1000, not much different from Al kieda? confused seriously?! I'm not disputing it, just questioning what makes them that bad? I had no idea? Am so on the fence about this one, as I know men deprived of seeing their kids and its breaking them, and they've got no legal aid option really, and mediation is pain.. Would love to know what terrible things they've done, just to get a balance view, as I currently don't empathise with the views of them displayed here...

GlummyMcGlummerson Mon 17-Feb-20 01:24:28

They don't give a shut about having access to their kids either, they just want to not be able to pay maintenance to their exes.

FreshFancyFrogglette Mon 17-Feb-20 01:30:41

Don't know glummy, the man I know is desperate to see his kid, it's breaking him to pieces. Heartbreaking.

ScarlettSahara Mon 17-Feb-20 01:34:20

Knowmen - we are going back over 10 years but from what I can recall she saw what he had accessed online from them. Fresh I am sure there are some fathers with genuine grievances whose exes act out of hurt/spite to keep the kids from their Dads.

Aridane Mon 17-Feb-20 01:40:49

Not much different from al-Qaeda

Yes, because they regularly bomb civilians, destroy landmark buildings and other stiff hmm

Aridane Mon 17-Feb-20 01:41:05


rainbowlou Mon 17-Feb-20 01:42:40

My abusive ex printed off a huge document via f4j for me to sign giving him parental rights and more for my dd..the few pages I read were chilling, if I had signed it I would have been literally handing over all our life decisions to him (mine and hers!)
Funnily enough I told him to fuck off and 10 years on he still hasn’t taken me to court, despite his promises to!

Scott72 Mon 17-Feb-20 01:43:27

"more like an MRA or MGTOW group..."

MGTOW is a misogynist movement. MRA is supposed to be just about getting fair treatment for dads. I suppose the whole movement has drifted more towards misogyny too, unfortunately.

BrendasUmbrella Mon 17-Feb-20 01:49:09

Don't know glummy, the man I know is desperate to see his kid, it's breaking him to pieces. Heartbreaking.

I'm sure there are exceptions, but most of the men I've known who are vocal about their desperation to see their children don't actually do much about it.

Desperation means you get legal advice, you follow through on it, if you can't afford a court case you get a second job stacking shelves to make the money. Desperation lends itself to action.

What has your friend done so far to try to gain access?

knowmenclature Mon 17-Feb-20 01:55:47

Ita actually extremely difficult to keep father's and dc apart, so I'm not sure why any man would not have legal access to his dc short of there being abusive grounds. Even then, men still will often have access.

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