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Who is in the wrong here?

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IceAndASlice123 Tue 17-Sep-19 18:57:54

Ella regularly babysits for Mark and is always paid for 3 hours work.
Yesterday, Marks adult brother, Tony, was at home. Mark told Ella she could leave the child with Tony if it went past her finish time.
About an hour in, Tony says he will take over the childcare from Ella. Ella says she can stay until her finish time but Tony insists.
Ella takes the money for the full shift despite only doing under half of it (Money is left in the kitchen ).
Who is in the wrong here? Should Mark be annoyed?

Russell19 Tue 17-Sep-19 18:59:46

Tony is in the wrong. Ella said she would stay but was sent away. Not her issue and she shouldn't be left out of pocket.

Craftylittlething Tue 17-Sep-19 19:00:45

I think Ella is entitled to three hours pay, she was essentially “booked in advance” for a three hour shift.

TheKarateKitty Tue 17-Sep-19 19:00:45

Tony is in the wrong.

Sunshine93 Tue 17-Sep-19 19:00:54

I don't think Mark should be annoyed because his brother told her to go. However I personally wouldn't have taken the money out of respect. Especially as it's a regular arrangement.

SirVixofVixHall Tue 17-Sep-19 19:00:55

Agree Tony is in the wrong.

ClassicTracks Tue 17-Sep-19 19:01:08

If Ella is a trusted, good and reliable babysitter then I wouldn't mind at all.

Mark should have been crystal clear if he had an issue with this.

Angeldust747 Tue 17-Sep-19 19:02:09

Ella is not in the wrong

IceAndASlice123 Tue 17-Sep-19 19:02:12

So you think Ella should have worked for free?

PullingMySocksUp Tue 17-Sep-19 19:03:17

Who says Ella should work for free?

Onceuponacheesecake Tue 17-Sep-19 19:03:41

Eh? No one is saying Ella should work for free?

Ella was entitled to the full pay because she was booked for 3 hours

Lindy2 Tue 17-Sep-19 19:03:51

Ella was booked to babysit for 3 hours as usual. She was available and willing to work. She is entitled to her usual 3 hours of pay. It wasn't her that changed the arrangement.

blubberyboo Tue 17-Sep-19 19:04:23

Ella is perfectly entitled to the full pay for the shift. She made herself available for work and was expecting the remuneration

Shes probably entitled to some holiday pay by now anyway grin

AsTheWorldTurns Tue 17-Sep-19 19:05:00

I think Ella was probably entitled to the money in the strictest sense, but she should have cleared it with Mark. Mark, if he were a nice guy, would have given it to her.

Tony probably should have stayed out of it.

ClassicTracks Tue 17-Sep-19 19:05:01

Also, these threads are annoying! Just say who you are and what your AIBU is.


popehilarious Tue 17-Sep-19 19:05:14

Ella couldn't have planned to do anything else in the time she was booked for so should have the full amount.

bluebeck Tue 17-Sep-19 19:05:52

Tony is in the wrong - he shouldn't have interfered as nothing to do with him.

Gruntvsgunt Tue 17-Sep-19 19:06:15

She should have been paid for the full three hrs, not her call to finish shift early

ScreamingValenta Tue 17-Sep-19 19:07:51

Mark should have told Ella in advance that she'd only be needed for half her usual shift, if he wasn't intending to pay her for three hours. Ella has turned up to do three hours - has cleared her evening - so she should be paid for the three hours.

It's between Mark and Ella, though - not Tony. Tony has done nothing wrong - it's not his business arrangement.

GoneToTheDock Tue 17-Sep-19 19:08:05


So you think Ella should have worked for free?

Where the f did you read this???

CircleofWillis Tue 17-Sep-19 19:08:17

Ella was completely in the right to take her full pay for the booked session. She should not lose out because the uncle decided he wanted to take over early.

Sparklesocks Tue 17-Sep-19 19:08:38

Ella was dismissed early so she should take the money.

RezCowgirl Tue 17-Sep-19 19:09:42

Tony is in the wrong. Ella should be paid for the full shift. If Mark feels out of pocket, then Tony should reimburse Mark.

Rocketmanager Tue 17-Sep-19 19:10:27

Nobody had said Ella should work for free.
Ella did the right thing.

CircleofWillis Tue 17-Sep-19 19:11:25

To answer your question no-one is in the wrong unless Mark is annoyed. Is he? If so he is in the wrong.

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