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To ask how much your first home cost you?

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redwinegulper Tue 16-Apr-19 00:41:52

What year was it in, and how did you afford it

WhoEatsPopTarts Tue 16-Apr-19 00:43:41

£150k, 1990 London, I bought it with a boyfriend I was 21 he was 26 we both worked.

MarthasGinYard Tue 16-Apr-19 00:44:58


3 bed terraced brand new in 1997

On the market now for 160,000

My parents lent me some of the deposit.

redwinegulper Tue 16-Apr-19 00:45:21

Sorry should have added mine too!

My first non rented home was 1998 £245k, Clifton, Bristol. DH sold his flat that his parents bought him, and I'd inherited some money

BackforGood Tue 16-Apr-19 00:46:06

1990. I paid £37 000 as it needed a lot doing to it. Similar were going for about £43 000.
I saved for several years, and worked all through my degree. I then got a lodger to pay me rent.

HerRoyalNotness Tue 16-Apr-19 00:46:36

NZD150k. 2001. A studio apartment in west Auckland. Deposit by divorce, mortgage by tenant. I never lived in it and wish I’d never sold it considering the prices of housing there now. Sold to buy in a shitty town in NE England, bleurgh.

Smellslikemiddleagespirit Tue 16-Apr-19 00:47:28

1994, 5 bed Victorian terrace house in the midlands. A wonderful house... I was so happy.

I was 25, had a young DC and was penniless, but DH had a good job and had owned property previously.

DramaAlpaca Tue 16-Apr-19 00:49:47

£75K in 1989, for a tiny little terrace. Two of us working, deposit part saved & part gifted from parents. Sold it for only £55K five years later thanks to the property crash, but we were able to buy something more than twice the size.

Babynut1 Tue 16-Apr-19 00:52:26

£36500 a 3 bed modern mid link.
My grandparents paid my £3000 deposit back in 1999. I was 18 at the time.

redwinegulper Tue 16-Apr-19 00:54:05

I'm sure our dc could only dream of houses or flats costing less than £50k today grin

Andromeida59 Tue 16-Apr-19 00:57:02

Manchester - 2007 bought for 87k recently been valued at 160k. Still love it. Living there was the longest I'd lived in one place.

RainbowMum11 Tue 16-Apr-19 00:57:25

2005, £105k (1 bedroom cottage), borrowed the 5% deposit on my credit card but because I was studying professional qualifications and knew my salary would be increasing.
Had only saved enough for the fees and stamp duty.

Andromeida59 Tue 16-Apr-19 00:57:39

Bought with mortgage, DP's saving and 6k from Pils.

Serenity45 Tue 16-Apr-19 00:59:36

Huge 3 bed terrace in Birmingham £43k in 1999. Bought from my stepdad who had a rental portfolio but was selling it off gradually. He lent me the 10% deposit (I paid it back within 2 years) but covered all legal costs. I'll always be grateful that he helped me onto the ladder.

MarthasGinYard Tue 16-Apr-19 01:00:10

'My first non rented home was 1998 £245k, Clifton, Bristol. DH sold his flat that his parents bought him, and I'd inherited some money'

Blimey Redwine you must have bought a mansion grin

nighttimebrowser Tue 16-Apr-19 01:02:15

I don't own a home (yet!) but my parents brought my family home back in 2003 (paid off mortgage a few years ago) for £118,000. It's now valued as being worth £280,000 at least just because of the price rises! Mental.

3 bed house w/ 1 bath, large living room, kitchen, driveway & 2 level garden.

EL8888 Tue 16-Apr-19 01:12:00

£190k in 2003 (3 bed 2 bathroom in Essex which was a wreck and needed everything doing to it). Deposit paid by savings. House got sold after we divorced

AlliKaneErikson Tue 16-Apr-19 01:20:00

43k- a little 2 bed semi in 1999, I think. It almost doenbles in value by the time I sold it (but I was caught in a big price crash on my next house, so didn’t really benefit from it overall).

AlliKaneErikson Tue 16-Apr-19 01:20:21


Ifonlybatshadhats Tue 16-Apr-19 01:21:24

73k in 2010, a beautiful 2 bed Victorian terrace with a huge garden just outside Durham. Not a good investment as a few years later when we sold it it hadn't risen much in value. Our next house we made 50k on in 3 years though...

Ifonlybatshadhats Tue 16-Apr-19 01:23:01

We had a small inheritance and a mortgage that was way lower than what we could afford (against my dad's sound advice!).

itsgood2talk Tue 16-Apr-19 01:29:55

2018, £430,000

Saracen Tue 16-Apr-19 01:43:00

£65k in 1997. Interest rates were cheap and we also squeezed a lodger in, with the result that we were able to overpay on the mortgage and paid it off very quickly.

I think the saying "Money begets money" is true. It was so hard to save up the £5k deposit while paying rent, then just as soon as we bought the house our outgoings plummeted (or would have if we hadn't chosen to make overpayments) and we were collecting all this rent money from our lodger. In the seven years he lived with us, he paid us £20k in rent.

MetroFly Tue 16-Apr-19 01:47:33

2011, London, 2 bed house for £205k. Sold it last year.

Agree Saracen. We were paying £1200 per month in rent in zone 2, bought in zone 3 and mortgage was £900 per month and then just kept going down, last remortgage it was £650 per month.

Chickaletta16 Tue 16-Apr-19 01:50:11

£47,000 in 2002 - my parents gave me the £5k deposit. I still live here it's worth £150 now and we plan to rent it out and buy a new one soon.

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