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Or is this RIDICULOUS!!! - Wedding

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HappyHattie Thu 14-Mar-19 10:16:05

I get married in 12 weeks time.

I booked a hairstylist over eight months ago! After careful consideration...etc. (I’d heard good things about this salon/ read reviews online).

I asked to come in for a trial earlier but was told no, not until 2-3 months before- this seemed to be standard practise amongst wedding hair fine.

Went for my ‘trial’ the other day (keeping in mind that it’s a stately home wedding, and I have two very shy under 10 flower girls looking forward to getting their hair done, so I want the morning getting ready to be chilled out...etc)

The woman I’d expected (heard good things about) was no longer there. The woman who did my hair was...not right. I’m not even kidding. My mother (who came with me) had to go for a walk, she felt so uncomfortable and some of the things the salon staff were saying 🙄.

Also, heavily tattooed (sleeves down both arms and neck). Long black acrylic nails- absoloutley wouldn’t look right in any getting ready pics. And my hair started falling out 30 mine after I left 😒

Not an option. So I rang about 20 other wedding hair stylists yesterday to be told...sorry we book like a year in advance. Which is fair enough, but if none of them offer trials until 2-3 months before the date, then what the hell are you supposed to do if your trial goes horribly???

You have no other choice!!!

Short of not getting a hairstylist (and we need one)...I have no idea what the hell to do!

Teacher22 Sun 17-Mar-19 06:54:47

Both. Pretty universal. But I am retired now so teaching may suddenly have become full of normal people just getting on with their jobs and I wouldn’t have known.

anniehm Sun 17-Mar-19 07:04:23

Having read this thread earlier I was booking hairdressers myself yesterday, not a wedding but for a ball. I was clearly told I was booking the salon not a specific stylist, as they have had issues with people complaining that "their hairdresser" was substituted when the reason was the stylist has left or taken annual leave that day. (I also was booking for 8 people so quite an ask though thankfully only paying for 3! Luckily they have suggested they will shut the salon and come to me)

Whereareyouspot Sun 17-Mar-19 07:16:05

After reading the prenup thread your hair is the least of your worries tbh

SheWoreBlueVelvet Sun 17-Mar-19 07:32:26

Teacher22 You aren’t wrong.
The utter derision of the Op for having “ before” photos is a load of toss too. It’s absolutely bog standard to have a few now.
Why? because of course everything is photographed more then before because we all have got used to carrying a camera on us all day. So it’s a logical step to think about composition in a way we didn’t 20 years ago.

Op is being made out to be some narcissistic, opinionated control freak with a naff wedding for having pre wedding shots. In reality she is doing what the majority of brides do nowadays.

Hanumantelpiece Sun 17-Mar-19 09:29:46

Meh, I had "before" photos (just a few), and that was over 20 yes ago. A couple of snaps at the salon, and a couple at the place they did my make up. What did the hairdresser look like? No idea, the photos were of me.
However, I had already had a trial at that salon and knew they could get my hair how I wanted. If they'd done a crap job, I'd have gone elsewhere.
I don't remember the hairdresser being in the photo, just a shot taken over my shoulder showing 'hair up' in a salon setting.

pinkyredrose Sun 17-Mar-19 09:42:35

@Teacher22 it's pretty arrogant to presume you know how most people are really thinking though.

Teacher22 Sun 17-Mar-19 13:19:12

Pinkyredrose. I am not 'presum[ing] to know how most people are thinking' but going on their stated opinions. Virtue signalling cannot happen through telepathy.

Kennehora Sun 17-Mar-19 16:17:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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