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To ask how to treat a 10mo with a temp of 40.2

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Whoevenknowswhattodo Tue 26-Feb-19 23:04:38

Shamelessly posted here for traffic blush

Ds2 is 10months. He hasn't been unwell, not even snotty . Yesterday afternoon at lunchtime he wouldn't eat which is unlike him. Cried and crashed out and slept most of the day and night. He had a temp of 38-39.5 all day despite regular Calpol and ibuprofen.
Today he's been the same, eating and drinking okay but sleeping longer than normal and high temps.
Still doesn't appear poorly. Isn't upset just raging hot.
He had Calpol at 6pm. Ibu at 8pm. Just been to check on him at 10.30pm before i went to bed and temp is highest yet at 40.2.
He had gone to bed happy and in a babygrow with no vest or sleeping bag.

Is a temp alone worth doing anything about
If they're not seeming poorly / rashy/ upset?

I've given him more Calpol at 10.30 but he's maxed out on his doses now for both meds in a 24hr period so I'm at a loss

My plan is currently stay awake till 11.30 Then go and check temp again to see if it's coming down. Does this sound the right thing to do?

Isadora2007 Tue 26-Feb-19 23:06:55

Nope. A temperature itself doesn’t need treated- only if he seems upset or bothered by it should you even give medicine. Febrile convulsions can come on due to sudden changes in temperature (so a temperature shooting up, or indeed down!) not the actual height (high-ness?) of the temperature.

CluedoAddict Tue 26-Feb-19 23:07:14

Call 111 that temperature is very high especially after medication.

Isadora2007 Tue 26-Feb-19 23:07:55

So yeah- stop giving medicine and get some sleep. Maybe sleep near him to be aware if he did get upset or even if he did develop into seizures- God forbid.

Kintan Tue 26-Feb-19 23:08:26

Agree call 111 and get some advice. That is a very high temperature despite the calpol.

Pommes Tue 26-Feb-19 23:08:54

Call 111. I'm happy to let me children run high fevers if they are controllable and the cause is known (ear infection, for example). But a temp of >40 only 2.5hrs after ibruprofen isn't being controlled well.

Loubylou79 Tue 26-Feb-19 23:09:14

A temperature over 40 at that young age needs to be seen ASAP. Good luck

Isadora2007 Tue 26-Feb-19 23:10:06

What’s your temperature on the same thermometer?

Riv Tue 26-Feb-19 23:11:39

I agree with Cluedo, that temperature sounds dangerously high after the meds you have given. Call 111 please. Now.

PurpleWithRed Tue 26-Feb-19 23:13:21 and go to section 1.6 for advice to parents.

Theoretically they are less concerned about temperature itself, especially in a child over 6 months who’s had their jabs, and more concerned with other symptoms which your lo doesn’t appear to have. But you need to use your own judgement and your own comfort level: if in doubt call 111 rather than a bunch of random strangers on the internet, lovely though we are.

gamerchick Tue 26-Feb-19 23:14:37

What’s your temperature on the same thermometer?

This ^^ have you tried taking your own on the same thermometer? Sometimes they throw a wobbler

Isadora2007 Tue 26-Feb-19 23:15:39

The OP says he hasn’t had symptoms and seems fine in himself. Temperatures are often higher at night and the thermometer may read high generally. I think sleep is paramount to let the wee soul recouperate and fight whatever it is he is brewing. Calling 111 normally entails them asking you to rouse your child to check them. I wouldn’t with an otherwise healthy and normal 10month old.

gambaspilpil Tue 26-Feb-19 23:16:47

Have you checked to see if he is teething? My DC would spike temperatures when they were teething. If your not sure call 111 and ask for advice as its a high temp for a little one.

EugenesAxe Tue 26-Feb-19 23:17:18

Yes I’d probably be cautious with a 10mo; usually advice is if it’s over 40 and doesn’t respond to meds’ then you should go to A&E. I agree if it’s been 2.5 hours since ibuprofen and it’s that high, it’s a bit worrying. Small children can go quickly downhill so I’d probably want to check with 111. They always ask if children are weeing OK - how is he on that score?

misstiggiwinkle Tue 26-Feb-19 23:17:50

111 for me too. I did this with my then 5 mo dd just as a 'just checking' call and ended up with an ambulance outside in minutes and my dd being admitted for possible meningitis and sepsis.

Any other symptoms like cold hands and feet, mottled skin?

janetforpresident Tue 26-Feb-19 23:19:44

My plan is currently stay awake till 11.30 Then go and check temp again to see if it's coming down. Does this sound the right thing to do?

This sounds like a wise plan. If his temp is still over 40 call 111 and let them decide the best course of action. I have always been advised that if temperature doesn't come down with paracetamol it's advisable to see a HCP.

Ihavealwaysknown Tue 26-Feb-19 23:25:51

I’d be 111ing. Hope little one is ok!

Whoevenknowswhattodo Tue 26-Feb-19 23:26:34

Thanks all.
Will stick with plan then so checking on him very soon then will see if temp is responding to meds.
Poor thing.
I had checked my own temp earlier today with thermometer and it was fine, he feels hot to the touch so i do believe it's correct.
Teething is definately possible as he only has 2 teeth so far
Thanks for the advice so far smile

Whoevenknowswhattodo Tue 26-Feb-19 23:32:24

39.7 1 hour on. Wwyd

misstiggiwinkle Tue 26-Feb-19 23:32:23

Other symptoms to look for are fast heart rate and breathing

misstiggiwinkle Tue 26-Feb-19 23:32:40


Whoevenknowswhattodo Tue 26-Feb-19 23:32:50

Would you say that's come down enough?

misstiggiwinkle Tue 26-Feb-19 23:33:45

Not for me. I'd want at least a whole degree

janetforpresident Tue 26-Feb-19 23:34:25

111. The difference is not significant

ShaggyRug Tue 26-Feb-19 23:35:26

Please phone 111. That’s not ok.

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