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To be irrationally angry at DM for eating my soup (I want this to be light hearted … but I fear I’m seething)

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Whatdoesitmatteranyway Tue 19-Feb-19 13:01:44

Stay with DM during the week for work reasons. Most of the time I travel Monday mornings but occasionally on a Sunday if there are engineering works.

I eat soup for lunch – normally a pot of fresh soud from Sainsbury or M&S. Most of the time I leave a tub in the fridge in work over the weekend so I have lunch available Monday without having to go to the supermarket first – then I shop on a Monday evening for provisions for the week.

Couple of weeks ago I knew I was travelling up on the Sunday so left my Monday soup in my mums fridge. Got there on the Sunday night – and the soup was gone. She’d eaten it. I didn’t mind except that it meant I had to go shopping on way into work which on a Monday can’t be done early as the shops don’t open until 7 which means I couldn’t get into work early enough that I can get away early. Bit of a minor grumble but lots of piss taking of the mother about taking food out of her daughters mouth – all meant in a joking manner – and also that the one she’d eaten had upset her stomach (so karma!).

Last week I left three cartons in the fridge over the weekend as I went home early due to being ill. Two of the same flavour she’d eaten the previous time and one that I REALLY REALLY like but you can only get in some shops some of the time as it’s a special edition. Made a joke with her that “I know there’s three cartons in the fridge and I’ve marked them against theft!”. Got a slightly snotty reply “If I want to eat one I will and replace it”.

So she did – and I suspect to make a point more than wanting one. Except she ate the special edition flavour. Which I knew you couldn’t get in any of the branches near to her. When I commented on it Sunday night she said “I’ll replace it tomorrow” but didn’t quite get that SHE COULDN’T REPLACE THAT FLAVOUR unless she drove 25 miles to the nearest very very large branch. She replaced it with a crappy lentil one. I’m tempted to leave the crappy lentil one until it becomes a science experiment on the top shelf of her fridge since she can’t reach it!

I’m over invested in this I think.

WhoGivesADamnForAFlakeyBandit Tue 19-Feb-19 14:00:27

Lentil soup is vile.

However, she's done you a favour. Keep the lentil soup pot. Fill it with the good soup. She'll never go near it.

user1457017537 Tue 19-Feb-19 14:03:08

So you are staying with your mum and she has had your soup? I don’t suppose you could buy her some as well by any chance?

Justmuddlingalong Tue 19-Feb-19 14:03:45

Perhaps stay in a hotel.

Whatdoesitmatteranyway Tue 19-Feb-19 14:05:22

More than happy to buy her some (and I frequently do her shopping anyway) if she asks for it.

But it wouldn't have been the nice lovely yummy soup as its not sold near her!

Blanca87 Tue 19-Feb-19 14:08:45

Are you giving your mum money for staying all the time?

SaucyJack Tue 19-Feb-19 14:09:57

Why don’t you both just piss up the side of the fridge to mark your territory?

FacingUp Tue 19-Feb-19 14:12:30

Maybe she’s sick of having you back home and is passive aggressively eating your soup in protest.

Feelinguilty77 Tue 19-Feb-19 14:13:50

Oh ffs lighten up people. Giving mum money indeed. It's her mother and the fact is, the soup is not easily replaced! It's a lighrhearted thread but still bloody annoying! I feel your pain OP!

CoiledLocks Tue 19-Feb-19 14:15:19

Are you giving your mum money for staying all the time

Nosy ain't ha?

UrsulaPandress Tue 19-Feb-19 14:16:16

Make your own.

From scratch.

Including growing your own veg.

Alfr Tue 19-Feb-19 14:16:50

The solution is staring you in the face. Put the soup on the top shelf, if she can't reach it there...

Purplejay Tue 19-Feb-19 14:17:25

You begrudge her soup? Sounds very mean and petty to me.

Just don’t leave it on her fridge days in advance if you are that bothered.

She is doing you a favour letting you stay though...

Poor woman.

PalmTree101 Tue 19-Feb-19 14:18:02

Not sure I could begrudge my mum some soup tbh even if it was a soacial flavour

Eliza9917 Tue 19-Feb-19 14:19:33

Why don't you keep your soup on the top shelf if she can't reach it?

Whatdoesitmatteranyway Tue 19-Feb-19 14:19:51

Remind me never to start a light hearted thread here.

For the record, she has no issue with me staying there or DH staying there some weeks if he's not working that week. I more than pull my weight giving her help with cooking and shopping since the reason I'm there was originally to help her out post surgery (she's disabled) - its just my current client seems to like the work I do and has extended me twice!

I'm not taking advantage of the mother in anyway shape or form and that is not a passive aggressive reason for her being a soup thief.

If you really want to know, she ate the soup this weekend as a response to me telling her I knew how many were there - i.e. you're not telling me what I won't eat so I'll eat one to spite you.

I GENUINELY don't mind her being a soup thief if it wasn't that she ate the Keralan Chicken flavour. So long as there is one in the fridge if I'm there on a Monday morning I don't care if she ate every soup I ever bought. Just don't leave me soupless monday morning or eat the only one of that flavour I have.

TruffleShuffles Tue 19-Feb-19 14:25:33

I hate to be that person who brings up previous threads but you do seem to have too many issues with your mother to think this is lighthearted.

Maelstrop Tue 19-Feb-19 14:38:10

I think you're marking territory too. Does your mother's lack of boundaries/over stepping annoy you? It seems really bitchy of her to do this and you reckon it's deliberate? Is she always this passive aggressive?

FrogsAreMean Tue 19-Feb-19 14:41:01

I can't believe you have soup for lunch every day.

No it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if I'm honest, would give me a reason to step out of my soup routine and find an alternative tasty lunch.

Debruary Tue 19-Feb-19 14:43:09

I think if someone told me I couldn’t eat something in my fridge, in my house, I’d eat the damn soup too. Even if it made me choke grin

dickiedavisthunderthighs Tue 19-Feb-19 14:43:14

I think this is generally why birds fly the nest.

Veterinari Tue 19-Feb-19 14:46:44

You both seem passive aggressive and petty

BrinkPink Tue 19-Feb-19 14:49:04

On one level it's lighthearted, on another it's not nice behaviour by her, she's letting you know you can't trust her and she doesn't respect your stuff.

I can see the argument that it's her fridge and you're not there and she's doing you a favour to let you stay etc. But if she knows you get soup in for a particular reason, because of timing, for work lunches, it is overstepping IMO and childish.

I would be a bit hurt I think.

DailyBaileys Tue 19-Feb-19 14:52:21

I empathize with ya, OP! flowers
But you should have bought two of the special, and one of the other.
Silly girl.

btw, what's the special one? smile

PCohle Tue 19-Feb-19 14:52:24

So you and your DH are staying in her house for free for weeks on end and you're annoyed she's eaten a couple of tubs of soup?

Well there's certainly a CF here and it's not her...

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