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MoanyMum12 Thu 10-Jan-19 22:52:11

To think that £40 is a ridiculous amount of money for Guide camp?!
Two nights in a tent for £40...

minisoksmakehardwork Thu 10-Jan-19 22:55:05

Depends on what they're doing tbh. Would include food, any activities. Pitch hire. Whatever badge(s) they might be earning because of the camp. Gas/electricity for cooking on.

The cost might be related to the number of girls going as well. If they're a small unit then there will be less people to divide the funds across.

FlibbertyGiblets Thu 10-Jan-19 22:55:21


Foslady Thu 10-Jan-19 22:57:16

Ask for a breakdown - you’ll be surprised at just what has to be paid for. My dd has been on a few and they’re absolute bargains, plus it’s been a fantastic personal development for her.

arranbubonicplague Thu 10-Jan-19 22:57:46

Just to second minisoksmakehardwork - it depends on what that £40 covers and if it's self-provided tents, glamping, in an area with good facilities etc.

Bathbombs Thu 10-Jan-19 22:58:52

Food, travel?, insurance, activities.
Sounds pretty good to me

xyzandabc Thu 10-Jan-19 22:59:36

So 2 nights, equipment, food, activities, insurance all included. Don't think you'd get it any cheaper really.

avocadosrus Thu 10-Jan-19 23:00:14

Seems pretty good value to me my DDS is £70 for 3 nights so that sounds about right!

Reallyevilmuffin Thu 10-Jan-19 23:00:37

Cheap as chips!

MrDarcyWillBeMine Thu 10-Jan-19 23:01:42

It’s totally reasonable YABU

drspouse Thu 10-Jan-19 23:01:50

Go ahead and budget and run it for less then, if you think you can.

BikeRunSki Thu 10-Jan-19 23:03:00

Our Cub/Scout camp is £60 for 2 nights. I think it’s great value - for abd accomodation, plus 6 instructor led activity sessions - climbing, kayaking, orienteering etc as well as all the appropriate insurances.

GruciusMalfoy Thu 10-Jan-19 23:04:15

It depends what it covers. Are they all traveling together? Tent, food, activities, admin/insurance costs? I'd think it very reasonable.

BooksAreMyOnlyFriends Thu 10-Jan-19 23:06:31

What food and activities are included? I assume they won't spend two days in a tent, starving.

ineedaholidaynow Thu 10-Jan-19 23:09:13

I doubt they will be making a profit!

I assume you don't need to provide any equipment yourself apart from a sleeping bag and plate/mug.

£40 would probably be the least we would charge for a 2 night scout camp. Are they camping in a field or camp site? If a field, then I assume toilet facilities will have to be provided and they are not cheap.

Iamnobirdandnonetensnaresme Thu 10-Jan-19 23:09:44

Site fee between £3&4 a night
Food between £5-10 per head per day
Gas for cookers/ lights is expensive maybe £50-100 depending on what it is running decides by number of girls
Leaders food and site fees- no leader should pay to look after other people’s children or be out of pocket.
Activities on a scout or guide site are between £30-50 an hour for a group of 8-12 participants.
Extras like glow sticks, craft equipment, treats, prizes, site badge.

£40 is a bargain

autumnboys Thu 10-Jan-19 23:10:24

DS1 is off to winter camp Fri-Sun, original cost was £130, but they couldn’t sort transport, so we’re transporting & the cost has dropped.

DS1 is an explorer and has been involved in scouting since he was old enough to join beavers. £40 would be a relatively standard cost for a 2 night camp IMO.

Iamnobirdandnonetensnaresme Thu 10-Jan-19 23:10:50

Guides and scouts are not allowed to make a profit from running camps.

Iamnobirdandnonetensnaresme Thu 10-Jan-19 23:11:58

Transport - bus hire is extortionate plus fuel etc

Starlight456 Thu 10-Jan-19 23:12:22

I would say don’t send them £40 for someone to look after my dc with planned activities food and a break from dc yourself . Bargain

Iamnobirdandnonetensnaresme Thu 10-Jan-19 23:12:28

Site fee is per head per night

Rodent01 Thu 10-Jan-19 23:15:11

Am in in a planning mode for our next County camp, £20/£25 for a night.

Food £5 a head
Campsite fees
Activities & equipment
We use pre owned equipment but tent poles are easily snapped / tents ripped etc so might need to spend a couple of hundred on new tents.
Gas for cooking
Replacing any crockery / plates etc
Loo roll / washing up liquid / bin bags / firefighters
Obligatory marshmallows and biscuits for camp fire
Covering leaders costs of food etc as we don’t ask leaders to pay for camp as they are volunteers and give up their time for it

It all mounts up and nobody is paid for all the prep and running of the event - where else will you get this value for money??!

Jaguarana Thu 10-Jan-19 23:15:31


LittleOwl153 Thu 10-Jan-19 23:18:29

You are definitely unreasonable.

But these activities should all be free or only cost pennies, in some peoples eyes. They probably think they should be funded by the VOLUNTEERS who run them, as well as them giving up their time for FREE.

northumberlandgal Thu 10-Jan-19 23:19:24

Dd did a one night residential in yr3 that cost £100 confused. £40 is a bargain.

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