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UnWilly Mon 12-Mar-18 14:20:58


(I have name changed for this, in case people think it is a ridiculous suggestionblush)

It’s from a few years ago, but I thought this initiative in Sweden was really interesting:

Sweden invents a word for girls’ genitals equivalent to ‘willy’ for boys

We don’t really have a universal similar word here, and for the same reasons as Sweden, perhaps it’s time we did!

I reckon that if we could agree on a word, that Mumsnet likely has enough reach to get it into common usage.

So, does anyone think it is something we would benefit from, and if so, any suggestions for a term?

(and for avoidance of doubt, I am not actually suggesting unwilly as the term!grin)

UnWilly Mon 12-Mar-18 14:22:06

And now with a working link...

Phosphorus Mon 12-Mar-18 14:26:15

I don't know, I think it's becoming less common for kids to use the word 'willy'.

Penis seems the word of choice these days, reasonably enough.

Proper naming of genitals (and all body oarts) is seen as quite important, even with tiny preschoolers.

UnWilly Mon 12-Mar-18 15:03:30

Thanks for commentingsmile

Do they apply the same to female genitalia (and not looking to kick off an MNet vagina/vulva fight!) or is there perhaps a place for a less formal term for both?

Tika77 Mon 12-Mar-18 15:06:35

Oh, as a non-native speaker I have been steuggling with this bit didn’t know there were no equivalents. So are fanny and pussy considered vulgar/porn words?

Phosphorus Mon 12-Mar-18 15:07:46

Yes, sorry, I meant to say it's the same for girls.

I think it has come about because parents want their children to be able to communicate clearly what any problem might be, and to diminish any idea that genitals are something to be embarrassed about.

Phosphorus Mon 12-Mar-18 15:10:15

Pussy would be considered awfully inappropriate, with very sexual overtones.

Fanny would be considered to be uncouth generally, although I think it's regarded as slightly tamer in some regions of the UK.

WhitePhantom Mon 12-Mar-18 15:16:54

Isn't the generic term for girls genitals just 'privates'? That's what we've always used.

FifiVoldemortsChavvyCousin Mon 12-Mar-18 15:18:27


UnWilly Mon 12-Mar-18 15:53:36

There's definitely words, but none that are a similar level of acceptable and universally used though, really. Most are regional or family words, I think, where as willy is everywhere (so to speak!)

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Mon 12-Mar-18 15:58:24

I've never thought as Willy as being a term for all male genitals.
I think that a willy is a penis. I wouldn't use willy if I meant scrotum

falsepriest Mon 12-Mar-18 16:01:18


Crispbutty Mon 12-Mar-18 16:04:16

You could call it a Wilma

Onlyoldontheoutside Mon 12-Mar-18 16:05:46

Given that so many women cannot name the different bits of their genitals havid another name seems a bit pointless.All families have their own preferred way.

Zintox Mon 12-Mar-18 16:27:10


UnWilly Mon 12-Mar-18 17:34:54

I agree that willy is penis Breakfast smile

But why would there be family terms for one and not the other is the question Only smile

Aprilmightmemynewname Mon 12-Mar-18 17:36:26

It's Mary for our dd's (at their suggestion).

Alison100199 Mon 12-Mar-18 17:52:08

Definitely foof.

honeylulu Mon 12-Mar-18 17:58:03


iklboo Mon 12-Mar-18 17:58:19

But willy isn't universal. There's 3 brothers, DH & SIL and they all have different names for a penis.

twattymctwatterson Mon 12-Mar-18 18:03:51

Yes of course we should name a vulva/vagina a not penis. After all aren't women just non-men? 🙄

falsepriest Mon 12-Mar-18 18:04:47

I agree that willy is penis Breakfast

I usually have toast but each to their own.

Babdoc Mon 12-Mar-18 18:07:02

As a doctor, I used the correct anatomical terms with my daughters from the start. They were in fits of laughter when they went to school and discovered the twee euphemism “front bottom”! I must say, most euphemisms for female genitals make me cringe. Why can’t we all just be rational and use the correct terms? You don’t use euphemisms for your legs or arms - what’s so upsetting about genitals?

Rewn7 Mon 12-Mar-18 18:11:21

‘Hoo har’ is one I say from time to time. Think it came from a film?

‘Bits’ is more common when referring to them grin

Rewn7 Mon 12-Mar-18 18:12:16

And I’d use that for both... girls bits ... boys bits... so at least it’s fair grin

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