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To 'help' the kids eat their Xmas chocolate... There's tonnes left

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IsItSummerYet2018 Fri 09-Feb-18 00:13:34

My DS and DSD have tonnes of Xmas choc, that everyone got for them . Literally a bloody cupboard full. Dsd is only here EOW.. And DS is bored of it. He prefers a jelly sweet to choc of had a choice
There's 4, of those Thornton Santas. Probably 12 tubes of choc. 8 selection boxes. Nets of coins and god knows what else.
Dsd can't take it home as she said mummy bins stuff from ours. (whole different story)
DS as I say prefers other sweets than chocolates but also likes to know its there for some reason.
But my thinking is. 1. Its the cupboard I had set up for baby bottles etc due in a few weeks ..and had to empty it again. As no where to store the hoards of chocolate .
2. At this rate it will be Easter and it will get more ridiculous
3. I want chocolate! Lol.
4. Seriously, I don't like them having that extent but if I ate some maybe I could get them a dvd or something to make up for it?

NewYearNiki Fri 09-Feb-18 00:14:29

Post some to me 😍

NewYearNiki Fri 09-Feb-18 00:14:46

Yes and eat some

MinnieMousse Fri 09-Feb-18 00:16:12

I doubt they would notice if a bit disappeared here and there 😉. I discovered the remnants of some Easter Eggs in our cupboard just before Xmas and had to throw them away, so you may as well eat some of it rather than chance it going to waste.

tafftum Fri 09-Feb-18 00:19:09

Mail me some I'd be happy to helpgrin

IsItSummerYet2018 Fri 09-Feb-18 00:21:35

Haha. Believe me I wouldnt need help lmao.
So it's 12.20am and I'm rummaging thro a selection box to see what I want.. My favourite is the little dairy milk bars the thin ones.. Now trying to remember what they use to be called.. I remember buying them for 15p lol

IsItSummerYet2018 Fri 09-Feb-18 00:22:31

I could leave the wrappers next to dps side of the bed and tell DS he ate it... Mwahaha

InToMyHeart Fri 09-Feb-18 03:45:38

Hhm ... I could ... er ... hhm ... make some space in a cupboard if ... er ... that would help you out?
You know ... take one for the team??

Ethylred Fri 09-Feb-18 04:25:00

Throw it away.

Bringonspring Fri 09-Feb-18 04:43:35

Wow your will power!!! I am dreadful if chocolate is in the house!!!

Johnnycomelately1 Fri 09-Feb-18 04:50:21

Now trying to remember what they use to be called.. I remember buying them for 15p lol

Didnt they used to be called Wildlife Bars or something and had pictures of animals on the wrapper?

Cavender Fri 09-Feb-18 05:09:53

If it is still well within date could you gift it to the local food bank?

That’s what we do at Easter (as we haven’t managed to restrain the excessive egg giving)

diodati Fri 09-Feb-18 05:38:02

Step away from the chocolate! Bin it, give it away, anything rather than eat it. Seriously.

Dizzywizz Fri 09-Feb-18 05:41:23

I’d eat’s not good for the children, you’re looking after them by eating it (I tell myself...)

Mossbystrand Fri 09-Feb-18 05:43:12

I've put away the chocolates with after Dec 18 sell by dates to donate to the food bank and school fairs next Christmas.

The ones with shorter shelf lives, I'll melt and use for baking brownies and cakes over half term. We'll be visiting 4 separate families so each one will receive a home baked cake.

TheNavigator Fri 09-Feb-18 06:52:03

I would not eat it without checking with the children they were happy to share with me. Or I would suggest to them they donate some to a food bank. Otherwise it just seems greedy and and underhand.

CheeseyToast Fri 09-Feb-18 06:54:45

There's only one thing to do - eat it.

SendintheArdwolves Fri 09-Feb-18 07:00:45

*Dsd can't take it home as she said mummy bins stuff from ours. (whole different story)
DS as I say prefers other sweets than chocolates but also likes to know its there for some reason*

Please don't steal your kids' treats and make out like you're doing them a favour.

They've already got one adult who bins their treats (so they aren't safe at that house) and you've even said that your DS "likes to know it's there".

Can't you just put the chocolate in a box in their rooms or something if you need the cupboard? Rather than make them feel like nothing they own can be safely left because the ADULTS in their life can't be trusted.

If you want chocolate so much buy your own! You're a grown up, you know, you can do that.

BedtimeTea Fri 09-Feb-18 07:01:35

I would freeze it to use when baking if the kids agree. They may prefer some fresh chocolate chip muffins, hot chocolate or biscuits anyways.

BiologyMatters Fri 09-Feb-18 07:03:56

How is eating it yourself any different to throwing it away? Because you're being greedy rather than wasteful?

Rebeccaslicker Fri 09-Feb-18 08:51:31

And how about teaching the kids to share?!

"Please can you share some of your chocolate with me?" is what I would say.

If I didn't have fucking GD. I'd give my (worn out) pancreas for a selection box right now 😂😭

Lilmis Fri 09-Feb-18 08:58:44

Find some homeless/rough sleepers if you have them in the area and hand them out to them. They will Appreciate it.

Trytowin Fri 09-Feb-18 09:02:36

Ask them if you can have some. It's theirs!

Lovelydovey Fri 09-Feb-18 09:03:45

Ask kids if you can cook with it and make choc Krispy cakes or brownies - much more likely to get eaten that way in my experience.

IHaveACuntingPlan Fri 09-Feb-18 09:14:16

When our dc had loads of choccy eggs last Easter we melted them down and made made cornflake buns with them. They soon disappeared!
I would ask what they wanted to do with it and point out that it doesn't last forever. You could research some recipes together and make something else that is easier to eat possibly. You could ask if they want to share some too.
I wouldn't throw it away as that's a huge, unnecessary waste and I would only give it to charity with their permission.

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