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Health disclosure to work in secondary school

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Creamdonuts Sun 21-May-17 16:24:36

Invited to an interview for a post in a secondary school
It's for a receptionist position in a private school
Looking at this does it mean they want all my GP notes?
Leaves me slightly concerned as when I was a late teenager my mother passed away and at the hospital I threatened suicide and needed a physciatrist report and some counselling although counselling was arranged through work not GP.
Will this show up even though I'm now in my 40s?

Creamdonuts Sun 21-May-17 16:25:24

Not sure if you can see photo but says " medical clearance will be required "

Creamdonuts Sun 21-May-17 16:26:30

" and will be sent to you "
So assuming it means consent for them to access health records
Also had severe alopecia following the death which I saw the GP about so this will come back as well?
What a bloody nightmare

Mumzypopz Sun 21-May-17 16:28:20

Medical clearance probably just means you complete a medical questionnaire, and possibly a visit to their OHU. They won't get access to your GP records.

PurpleDaisies Sun 21-May-17 16:28:58

It's honestly fine. All you'll need to do is declare it, possibly have a chat with someone from their occupational health department and tell them about it then they'll tell the school you're fit for work.

Loads of teachers/TAs/office staff with havd similar things on their medical files. It won't be an issue.

Creamdonuts Sun 21-May-17 16:31:16

From googling they will have access to my records as seems a questionnaire is sent asking if you've ever had mental health issues or suffered with a mental or stress related illness.
Surely this doesn't warrant it given the circumstances anyway so I could just tick no?

PurpleDaisies Sun 21-May-17 16:31:31

When I say declare it, I mean if you're offered the job you'll probably have to complete a questionnaire. It doesn't sound like you need any adjustments for the interview.

Good luck!

lougle Sun 21-May-17 16:32:37

You'll need to declare it, but you'll be able to state that it was psychological distress and alopecia following close family bereavement and that you had a period of counselling and were then discharged (if that's the situation as I've gathered it from your OP). The Occupational Health team may ask to get a copy of that report for their records, but if you have recovered to full health now there shouldn't be any reason why it would stop you from working. They aren't there to stop people working. They are there to make sure that people are fit to work and that the jobs people are applying for won't make existing conditions worse.

Sidge Sun 21-May-17 16:33:35

No they can't and won't access all your health records.

They want to ensure you are physically and mentally fit to do the job, which may involve you filling a form in to say you are, and possibly agreeing for them to get a GP to sign a form saying they can see no reason why you wouldn't be fit to work there. I doubt it would have anything of substance to it or involve historical health issues.

Mine involved a self declaration of health stuff.

lougle Sun 21-May-17 16:34:14

"seems a questionnaire is sent asking if you've ever had mental health issues or suffered with a mental or stress related illness.
Surely this doesn't warrant it given the circumstances anyway so I could just tick no?"

You can't tick no - if you do so and this is found out later it could be held as gross misconduct.

PurpleDaisies Sun 21-May-17 16:36:07

Surely this doesn't warrant it given the circumstances anyway so I could just tick no?

Tick no to what? You can't lie about your medical history and I don't know why you're so worried about the occupational health clearance process. It honestly isn't what you think it is. They're just making sure you can do the job.

Bue Sun 21-May-17 16:46:52

OP it seriously won't be a big deal or a deal breaker, please stop worrying about it.

BusterGonad Sun 21-May-17 16:47:59

They can't see your medical notes without your permission. I wouldn't declare it and I doubt they'll look at your medical notes. If you give them permission to look at your medical notes and they get all stupid over something that happened years ago then they are complete twats anyway.

PurpleDaisies Sun 21-May-17 16:49:33

buster it's really irresponsible to encourage someone to lie about their medical history.

Please don't do that op-they could sack you.

BusterGonad Sun 21-May-17 16:49:34

Oh, and my husbands a teacher, I don't think any school has ever got his medical notes, all he's ever been asked is why is had time off and what for. No big deal!

PurpleMinionMummy Sun 21-May-17 16:49:51

De ja vu

Creamdonuts Sun 21-May-17 16:51:27

Sorry Lougle I don't mean to appear rude but how on earth is this a " mental illness "
It was something that was said at a distressing time, no follow up done by GP or anything just the hospital team agreeing with me and that was the end of it.
The alopecia is recorded at GP so agree why this would need mentioning but surely not anything else as completely non relevant as not a condition / illness of any sort so I can't see how that would warrant gross misconduct

BusterGonad Sun 21-May-17 16:53:03

What ever you think is best PurpleDaisys but I think it's a step too far, for gods sack is nothing sacred anymore? The Op is going to be a receptionist, it happened years ago, she'll have a CRB done too, I'm sure something from decades ago isn't really going to be a huge issue!

PurpleDaisies Sun 21-May-17 16:53:35

How does threatening suicide and seeing a psychiatrist not count as a mental health issue? confused

It's nothing to be ashamed of and really nothing that will cause a problem, unless you lie about it. It's the lying that would be worthy of the gross misconduct label.

PurpleDaisies Sun 21-May-17 16:54:52

buster I totally agree it won't be an issue. The issue is lying and declaring you've never had a mental health issue when you have.

gamerwidow Sun 21-May-17 16:54:57

I had to complete a medical check prior to starting my job. I have suffered from OCD and depression in the past and was completely honest and disclosed this. It was fine they just want to check that any illnesses you have are being managed. They're not expecting anyone to have never been ill.

gamerwidow Sun 21-May-17 16:58:02

Imo needing counselling does count as a mental health or stress related illness but honestly under the circumstances no one will bat an eyelid.
I would just declare everything, you've got nothing to hide.

BusterGonad Sun 21-May-17 16:58:20

Do what you think is best Op, even if you do declare it I don't think the school will have an issue with it, if they do then I would say you are better off out of there as they'll only treat you like shit if you worked there anyway. BUT I'm pretty damn sure they will not excess your records, and defiantly won't without your permission.

PurpleDaisies Sun 21-May-17 17:00:19

Op so you better understand the health screening process, what will happen is they will send you a generic questionnaire with a load of screening questions on it. If you answer "yes" they'll contact you to discuss it further. Usually someone will ring and arrange a time for a nurse to ring you. They'll phone and ask a few questions then let your employer know you're fit for work. No one is looking to catch you out or find a reason not to offer you the job. Just be open and honest and it will be fine.

Creamdonuts Sun 21-May-17 17:01:07

The counselling was done by place of work to make sure I was able to return to work - went once and deemed it was fine so I wouldn't count that as counselling sessions
A mental illness to me is something that was ongoing, not a comment made at an awful time that was evaluated by hospital staff to be just that.
But I'll declare it just in case as wouldn't want to be seen as lying.
Just seems very invasive to me.

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