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How do you cope with adult DC nocturnal activities

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Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:33:37


DS1 (19) has started having his GF to stay as they have been together a while now.

She is lovely etc.

He has the room directly above mine and all so have been able to hear for the last hour is the bed banging WAAA!

Argh this is worse than walking in on my parents which was pretty bad - who do people cope?! 🙈😱blush

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 23-Apr-17 23:41:05

Oh no. That's awful. They could have at least did it standing up so that there was no bed noise grin

He definitely needs a pillow behind the headboard or a new bed. Tell him to sort it because you're not living in a house that goes bump in the night.

Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:42:36

My own OH is away 🙈

TheElephantofSurprise Sun 23-Apr-17 23:42:56

An hour?

Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:43:30

Yes grin

ImperialBlether Sun 23-Apr-17 23:43:37

You need headphones. Honestly, I think I'd never be the same afterwards!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 23-Apr-17 23:44:06

Start singing songs at the top of your voice. That'll put them off

Gallavich Sun 23-Apr-17 23:44:12

Tell him that's not on! They can shag but either wait til you're out or do it quietly!

Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:45:20

I sent him a text sad

Tartyflette Sun 23-Apr-17 23:47:22

Have a discreet word with the GF. That should freak him out be effective. grin

Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:48:16

Ooh I dunno have only met her about 6 times and we are at the her complimenting my cooking stage grin

Hotheadwheresthecoldbath Sun 23-Apr-17 23:49:14

Tell him you can hear him,that should stop it and cause red faces in the morning.OR play 'je t'aime' very loudly everytime you hear them!

FairytalesAreBullshit Sun 23-Apr-17 23:51:21

Wow an hour, they have stamina.

Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:51:46

They are young 😂

IvorHughJarrs Sun 23-Apr-17 23:52:18

My DCs were told that I assumed any "sleepovers" were totally innocent and could only continue as long as that facade was maintained grin

FlannelTimCircleSocks Sun 23-Apr-17 23:53:55

What text did you send?!

J0CELYN Sun 23-Apr-17 23:54:08

I like your style, Ivor

Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:54:22

I have always been quite open about sex etc (was single mum for a long time) so I was the only person available to ask - also work in sexual health so provided condoms etc.

But I draw the line at being party to it 😱

Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:55:15

I sent a text saying "what are you doing?! 🙈🙈🙈" in the hope they weren't doing anything and he would reply - he didn't grin

LunaMay Sun 23-Apr-17 23:57:00

I think say something, if theyre under your roof they can have a bit of respect and at least pull the bed away from the wall????...

Or have you seen the erotic songs thread? Maybe start dropping some hints??

ImperialBlether Sun 23-Apr-17 23:58:02

Get headphones, listen to a podcast, LOUD.

Crowdblundering Sun 23-Apr-17 23:59:18

It's a pull out futon (it's like his sofa, as he has a single bed but we use it as a guest bed) so the whole thing is banging on my ceiling 😭😭😭😭

NeedsAsockamnesty Sun 23-Apr-17 23:59:27

Send a text message saying "what you do is your own business but please do not make me listen to it"

SpreadYourHappiness Mon 24-Apr-17 00:00:33

Gosh, I'd be mortified if mine or DH's parents ever heard us having sex! Have they never heard of being discrete?!

MangosAndPapayas Mon 24-Apr-17 00:00:58

Not under my roof is the line you should adopt.

Most people I know even if they were allowed gf/bf to stay at that sort of age weren't allowed to share a bedroom in their parents house. The parents knew they were having sex elsewhere but it was always our house our rules and not here.

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