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To think Keir Starmer will be Labour leader before the end of the year

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PetallyTyrants Wed 29-Mar-17 12:31:46

and PM at the next General Election

MaximumVolume Wed 29-Mar-17 12:32:35

I hope so!

WhatWouldKeanuDo Wed 29-Mar-17 12:33:07

I hope not.

Figgygal Wed 29-Mar-17 12:35:00

Cant be any worse than who is there now!!

really wanna know what Jeremy Corbyn thinks he's playing at today. Article 50 is triggered it is a monumental day in British political history and he is challenging May on school funding and police morale at Prime Minister questions. The man is a fucking joke and this Country is left without any effective opposition.

WhatWouldKeanuDo Wed 29-Mar-17 12:36:33

Would he have any support within the Labour party membership anyway?

PetallyTyrants Wed 29-Mar-17 12:42:33

There would need to be a huge recruitment drive to get enough new Labour Party members to elect him - it's doable!

SemiPermanent Wed 29-Mar-17 12:53:07

Hope not.
He's beyond awful.

misspriggy Wed 29-Mar-17 12:53:18

No prosecutions of any members of the sex-grooming gangs in Rotherham, Doncaster, Rochdale etc while he was DPP.

So I hope not.

Werkzallhourz Wed 29-Mar-17 13:31:29

I hope not.

For various reasons, I know quite a bit about Starmer tactics and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. He made some very political decisions as DPP, and they have been extremely damaging to the public's trust.

He's one of these that pushes an agenda through what should be a nonpartisan institution and fails to think of the wider cultural, social and community implications and consequences.

I have to be honest and say Corbyn is better. To be fair, I'm starting to appreciate Corbyn (I never thought I would say that) but he's brought a certain something to British politics. I know he appears hopeless as an opposition leader in the conventional sense from a typical Westminster perspective, but what he has is valuable.

It's his priorities, I think. He brings it back to base. Yes, we are going through Brexit and Article 50 has been declared, but on the ground, none of this means shit if police morale is so low that it constitutes the breakdown of our system of law and order.

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Wed 29-Mar-17 13:57:56

Absolutely have been saying he should be leader for some time he is the right person now he has excellent background in high level negotiations that is what the country needs now not so idiot career backbencher rebel in opposition someone who can hold the government to account and challenge their proposals

And it didn't go unnoticed that in Question Time Monday evening he said more than once I have been .... rather than the Labour Party have been .....

He is being prepared we just have to hope Corbyn supporters are not so intent on having a hugh Tory majority the next election becuase of their principles but many seem to be and some are just deluded

I can't wait to vote for him

Dearlittleflo Wed 29-Mar-17 13:59:52

I sincerely hope so.

PetallyTyrants Wed 29-Mar-17 14:01:15

I voted for Jeremy Corbyn but fear he has made Labour unelectable. I agree he was right to bring up school funding and the police today rather than obsess about Brexit.

Sunnymeg Wed 29-Mar-17 14:02:14

I think Ed Balls will stand in a by election, get elected and that will kick off a leadership challenge. After that, who knows...

alltouchedout Wed 29-Mar-17 14:03:29

Labour leader? Maybe. Prime Minister? Unlikely. I think Labour have a long, hard road ahead of them.

Northernlurker Wed 29-Mar-17 14:06:20

No chance!

If you want to see where the challenge is coming from have a look at Dan Jarvis and his recent work on child poverty and excess winter deaths. I think he'll wait till 2020 though.

FernetBranca Wed 29-Mar-17 14:10:41

(Keir Starmer has good hair!)

PetallyTyrants Wed 29-Mar-17 14:11:21

Northern - do you mean after the General Election?

Northernlurker Wed 29-Mar-17 14:13:24

Unfortunately yes I do. Think it will take a wipe out to get the Jezza fans to see reason.

KarlosKKrinkelbeim Wed 29-Mar-17 14:16:08

Another Blair in terms of character if not policies.
Sadiq Khan a much better choice but sadly otherwise occupied

PetallyTyrants Wed 29-Mar-17 14:26:51

I'm counting on Keir Starmer and Tim Farron defeating whatever dog's dinner of a deal David Davies comes up with at the end of his EU negotiations.

Northernlurker Wed 29-Mar-17 14:48:13

That may be like counting on Ned stark to come back to life and sort it all out in Game of Thrones. I mean it could happen but even in that screwed up universe it's not going actually come to pass.

Patsy99 Wed 29-Mar-17 14:56:31

I'd be pleased with him. Feel utterly gutted at the thought of a Tory victory in 2020.

Sadly I agree with Northern, think the Corbyn diehards will not be easily dissuaded.

SenseiWoo Wed 29-Mar-17 15:01:43

Could those who dislike Starmer expand on why? V. interested to know.

TakeThatFuckingDressOffNow Wed 29-Mar-17 15:58:33

What Sensei said, please!

misspriggy Wed 29-Mar-17 15:59:00

Sensei Starmer has said that if the Tories don't match his 6 point plan on leaving, then Labour won't support the gov. That doesn't mean anything stops, it just means that the UK leaves the EU with no deal and his party will be directly responsible for it. So that and what I said about his inaction over Rotherham etc ...

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