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Ami. Making Mumsnet great again. Trump cont

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amispartacus Sat 18-Feb-17 22:45:19

PseudoBadger Sat 18-Feb-17 22:46:47

Poor poor woman

CussingQuim Sat 18-Feb-17 22:46:56

Eewwww what was that kiss about

squishysquirmy Sat 18-Feb-17 22:47:08

This is a fake placemark.

Monkeyinshoes Sat 18-Feb-17 22:47:14

More prayers. For a country that is supposed to have a separation between church and state they manage to get an awful lot of God stuff into the state.

Lweji Sat 18-Feb-17 22:47:29

Hello, woman in red.

CussingQuim Sat 18-Feb-17 22:47:37

She sounds terrified

GingerIvy Sat 18-Feb-17 22:47:48

yes,monkey. that is true.

Whatthefoxgoingon Sat 18-Feb-17 22:47:51

Awesome thread continuation. YUGE.

StatisticallyChallenged Sat 18-Feb-17 22:48:38

She looks close to tears

amispartacus Sat 18-Feb-17 22:48:42

Gets bingo card

GingerIvy Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:06

she must be breathing a sigh of relief.... thank fuck, I don't have to speak anymore.

CussingQuim Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:07

Badly positioned microphone.

GingerIvy Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:22

Trump's ego stroke time.

GingerIvy Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:34

Bollocks he didn't know that.

Lweji Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:35

What is the opposition saying about Melania? Is she reading Trump's speech?

CussingQuim Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:47

"My husband is creating a country of great safety and prosperity."

amispartacus Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:53

Great victory ..tick

Roussette Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:54

OK Melania, I don't mean to be mean but how the fuck are you going to help children from all round the world? Even you speak BS

God alive, this is awful.

Thank you ami for thread...

I could hyperventilate with this crap... "very beautiful" Melania saying Lords Prayer, I didn't now... yeah yeah

StatisticallyChallenged Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:56

Victory, marks card

GingerIvy Sat 18-Feb-17 22:49:57

Great victory here.... yep.... tick

illegitimateMortificadospawn Sat 18-Feb-17 22:50:00

Agreed Ginger.

Perihelion Sat 18-Feb-17 22:50:11

Bollocks you didn't know about the prayer

CussingQuim Sat 18-Feb-17 22:50:13

He's so creepy

GingerIvy Sat 18-Feb-17 22:50:35

<watches him spray his testosterone all over the stage and soak in the admiration of his "fans">

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