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To look forward to surgery under GA?

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AudTheDeepMinded Fri 03-Feb-17 22:31:33

Am awaiting Doctor's appointment but am pretty convinced after extensive research (Dr Google) that this will lead to a referral and the need for surgery.
The surgeon will probably be the one that did an original op on the site. He's lovely, such a nice guy so I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I also understand that it will probably involve an overnight stay in hospital, so a decent night's kip away from the children and the chance to read m book, watch some telly and do some knitting in peace. And now cooking to do for bastard ingrates.
So AIBU, or even just plain weird to be quite excite at the prospect?

CondensedMilkSarnies Fri 03-Feb-17 22:33:59

GA mmmmm ! That lovely fuzzy feeling of drifting off.

tessiebear4 Fri 03-Feb-17 22:34:22

Sorry, but I think YABU. Our health is so fragile, it should be appreciated.

AudTheDeepMinded Fri 03-Feb-17 22:35:04

Yes, and maybe some oromorph after. I'm already planning new jammies.

AudTheDeepMinded Fri 03-Feb-17 22:36:07

I appreciate my health and the NHS and the fact that they will be able to fix me thank you Tessie. I don't think that you get my sense of humour.

Floralnomad Fri 03-Feb-17 22:36:22

You must be bonkers , if you are that desperate for some peace and quiet book yourself into a hotel for a night .

expatinscotland Fri 03-Feb-17 22:37:25


sotiredbutworthit Fri 03-Feb-17 22:37:33

Sad when being rendered unconscious is the only rest you can get!! I'm with you though!! Think I would relish it as well!!!

AudTheDeepMinded Fri 03-Feb-17 22:37:34

Are you kidding, three kids and a husband I don't get a break that easily! and Hospital is cheaper...

tessiebear4 Fri 03-Feb-17 22:37:52

What Flora said

ThirdTimeLuck Fri 03-Feb-17 22:38:35

YANBU for not dreading a possible hospital stay, it's nice that you aren't going to spend the time worrying. Although I'd rather not have surgery, if it were to happen I'd enjoy every minute of that drifting off feeling!

IAmNotAWitch Fri 03-Feb-17 22:38:50

YANBU I had polyp removal and Morena insertion under a GA and as the surgery was in afternoon an overnight stay.

Really enjoyed myself/the drugs/the peace.

Was in a nice private hospital though. grin

AudTheDeepMinded Fri 03-Feb-17 22:39:07

Maybe I should try and get that crowd funded then but I'll still need the op regardless I don't think it will be optional in the long run.

CheshireChat Fri 03-Feb-17 22:39:44

If your family is genuinely ungrateful, then this is the perfect time to retrain them wink.

I understand what you're saying, I actually fantasise about having a couple of nights in hospital just for a change of scenery.

Hope you recover quickly.

annandale Fri 03-Feb-17 22:39:46

Had a GA once thirty years ago and have always totally understood why addiction to anaesthetics is such a risk. Fuck it was amazing - like my brain being suffused with champagne. Hope all goes well...

kelper Fri 03-Feb-17 22:39:58

I loved the few GA's I've had, although they didn't love me back.....
There are some real Professionally Offended posters abroad tonight, not just on this thread either

theaveragewife Fri 03-Feb-17 22:40:33

Ugh Witch am so jealous, I had the same op in the afternoon and they carted me off after a tuna sandwich envy

AudTheDeepMinded Fri 03-Feb-17 22:41:09

GAs don't scare me, children scare me. And the thought of WTF to cook for dinner every day.

WayfaringStranger Fri 03-Feb-17 22:41:39

Some people have no sense of humour. grin YANBU, love that drifting feeling, such a high. Sadly, I wake up very distressed and aggressive. shock

Stanley38 Fri 03-Feb-17 22:41:44

Best nap I ever had in my life was under GA! I woke up feeling like you used to as a child after 12 hours sleep.

CheshireChat Fri 03-Feb-17 22:42:09

Though now that I think about it, I wouldn't want the GA as I felt pretty crummy when I woke up.

AudTheDeepMinded Fri 03-Feb-17 22:42:25

I'm not sensitive to professional offendees, It gives me a thrill to matter so much to randoms!

RandomDent Fri 03-Feb-17 22:42:25

Mmmm I loved the GAs I had. Any excuse for a kip. smile

Crumbs1 Fri 03-Feb-17 22:43:05

Sleep in hospital? What planet are you on? In between observation checks, drug rounds and comfort rounds there are the old ladies with dementia calling out, wandering about shouting and peeing on your feet. Then there are the bed moves and new patients being brought onto ward at 3am. Not a pleasant experience at all.

PacificDogwod Fri 03-Feb-17 22:44:26


I've enjoyed every single one of my GAs grin

I once fell asleep on the dentist's chair. While he was checking my teeth. It was the longest I had been horizontal on a (relatively) comfy surface without somebody nearby going "Muuuummmmy!!", so I drifted off...

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