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To absolutely hate living in Surrey

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Bestofthebest Thu 15-Sep-16 23:47:33

I guess I have been here too long. Am 4 weeks away from escape to a very different part of the British Isles. All anyone seems to do here is go on about their sodding house price, how important their job is, the same one that has them getting the 0605 train like lemmings everyday. Socially people I habe found unfriendly and insular. It is practically a crime to be anything other than a Tory, but you can't show any interest in politics. The only acceptable subjects of conversation are how great you are, your job, Southern Rail and rugby. I hate it so very much I just hope there is a different world out there.

Babymamamama Thu 15-Sep-16 23:52:43

Run run and never look back.

Titsywoo Thu 15-Sep-16 23:53:45

Really? I live in surrey and never talk about those things.

Bestofthebest Thu 15-Sep-16 23:56:22

Maybe I have been unlucky in the people I've met but honestly I'd be happy never ever to come back

Pumpkintopf Thu 15-Sep-16 23:56:31

There is a different world out there...we moved from Surrey (I was Surrey born and bred) to rural Lincolnshire, no regrets.

Whatthefucknameisntalreadytake Thu 15-Sep-16 23:58:04

I'm no Tory!

OlennasWimple Thu 15-Sep-16 23:58:15

There are pockets of Surrey like you describe (do they all have the same shoulder length, blonde swishy hair? grin) but there are many many parts of Surrey that aren't at all concerned with those things - much like the rest of the country really

Whatthefucknameisntalreadytake Fri 16-Sep-16 00:00:52

I also do not talk about rugby, I would only talk about southern rail to express my support for the strikers, I slope off to work at 9am and I am very interested in politics. However I do love my job and talking about how great I am smile
My experience of surrey is very different to yours it seems but maybe I just attract hippy lefties!

OhTheRoses Fri 16-Sep-16 00:01:16

You missed out golf grin.

I think you are being a bit mean.

Bestofthebest Fri 16-Sep-16 00:06:39

It just seems a staid and sterile place, kind of a cross between the Truman Show and a very boring episode of Midsomer Murders. Anytime I am in a psychologically different place I feel better.

Sandsnake Fri 16-Sep-16 00:07:51

Well there's a very different world from the one you're portraying over here in, well, Surrey. YABU.

Titsywoo Fri 16-Sep-16 00:10:33

Surrey's a pretty big place. You think because the few people you have met in your town are tossers that we all are? How rude. I've lived here all my life and all my friends and family are normal interesting people. Odd attitude you have there.

Needmoresleep Fri 16-Sep-16 00:11:58

Buy a 4 x 4 and live the life?

I grew up in Surrey and would never go back. One thing to watch for is the number of those swishy blonds who appear tipsy by early afternoon. It was quite noticeable in the expensive town my parents lived in.

TattyCat Fri 16-Sep-16 00:12:40

YANBU! I lived in Farnham and found exactly the same. Lovely, pretty town but oh dear, the inhabitants...

Vacuous. And quite a long way up their own backsides. Obviously I also met some nice people, but they were not the norm.

IHeartKingThistle Fri 16-Sep-16 00:15:32

You're in the wrong bit of Surrey! And Tatty, I wouldn't live in South Farnham for anything but I love it up here in North Farnham - we are fabulous and interesting ;)

Whatthefucknameisntalreadytake Fri 16-Sep-16 00:18:57

It's weird cos I think the people who happily slag off an entire county are the ones who sound up their own arses.

Quite obviously there are teachers, nurses, rubbish collectors, hairdressers, waiters, musicians, actors etc all living in surrey just as there are in any other county. So it seems a bit shallow to generalise everyone as being a Tory tosser who only talks about house prices and rugby, when it clearly can't be true.

MargaretCavendish Fri 16-Sep-16 00:21:17

I do wonder how much effort you've made to find people like you? A few years ago I lived somewhere where I initially felt a bit out of place - it was quite conservative and a big commuter town where everyone seemed to work in finance. So I got involved in my local Labour Party and lo and behold - I wasn't the only lefty!

SageYourResoluteOracle Fri 16-Sep-16 00:35:26

There will be Tories, tossers and moaning train -travellers wherever you go. We moved from Putney to Surrey two years ago and have made some wonderful friends and really enjoy living here. If you really dislike where you live then great- move. But don't tar us all with the same brush. That said, I hope you enjoy a change of scene.

Now I must be off as I've an early start taking little Jacinta to her under 9's rugby trial tomorrow and, as we're going on the train, we'd best allow extra time. Southern trains! Chuh!

JudyCoolibar Fri 16-Sep-16 00:35:37

The worst thing about Surrey is the local council which is staggeringly inefficient.

e1y1 Fri 16-Sep-16 00:37:19

Come up North, honestly, it's lovely. I know it gets a bad rap anywhere south of Chester, but it really is. We have scenic views, cheaper houses/cost of living. Where I am, anyone will help anyone and despite popular belief, we don't run around in flat caps and clogs grin. Sure our weather isn't as great but hey ho,

I am most people in Southern England are fine, but there is no way on this Earth I could live down South.

e1y1 Fri 16-Sep-16 00:38:08

*sure people

Choccywoccyhooha Fri 16-Sep-16 00:41:21

I hear you. We lived in Weybridge for a short time between living in London pre-kids and moving to Sussex since. I hated it at the time, but now look quite fondly on my 3 years there. It's close to London, there are some great pubs, loads of activities for children, lots of job opportunities. But yes, lots of ego-maniacs, dull ra ra types and suffocating homogeny.
Here we have the seaside and great local schools (since not everyone feels the need to send to public school), people are a lot more down to Earth, but I think even more insular and very closed to change. (This is rural Sussex, not Brighton!)

The grass is always greener I guess, good luck with your move, I hope you love it in your new place.

ViolettaValery Fri 16-Sep-16 01:02:17

Oh come on! I'm from Surrey. It sounds like you mixed with boring people. It's just a place for people to live, never had anything special about it other than being near London. I guess you find more of those appearances-obsessed types there than say, in Derbyshire or Wiltshire. But those types also exist in the Cotswolds, East Anglia and Cheshire, it's a money thing not a geography thing.

YABU not to want to talk endlessly about Southern Rail though, I could now do a PhD in it.

TroubleinDaFamily Fri 16-Sep-16 01:12:17

Well you will live in South Farnham.

Why anyone would want to spend their life waiting for the bloody level crossing is beyond me.

Northside has better tranportation links, rugby clug, David Lloyds and the only reasonable petrol in the whole town.

AH is in the top 1% in the country and No 3 in the county, Weydon No 17.

All joking aside the leafy end of Surrey is lovely (IMO) not so keen on the concrete end, been there twice, twice was enough.

Bestofthebest Fri 16-Sep-16 01:16:32

As I expected some mixed opinions. There are differences between parts of Surrey, where I live is North East Surrey and relatively close to Croydon. Obviously I don't and will never fit I here hence my desire to move. It is also partly about house prices as it costs a fraction where I am moving to compared to here. It has been a really difficult and disconcerting experience living somewhere like this.

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