to feel sympathy for the first Mrs straw ridge

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Wordsaremything Sun 12-Jun-16 20:55:52

Husband, ex military man appropriately named dick, did a lot of telly in the early noughties about engineering projects, and living green etc. Involving all his family.

Seems he's had a mid life crisis and is now with a young cockney vintage person called Angel, has started a second family and is now living with her and youngsters in France in a ruin d chateau allegedly bought for. 280 k with 12 acres and a renovation budget of 20k.

All lovey Dovey. Constantly nose bumping etc. Decorating the honeymoon suite. And Lo! Her parents have arrived to live with them ( and no doubt contribute to the budget.)

All feels very yuck.

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EverySongbirdSays Sun 12-Jun-16 21:05:59

I don't really understand your OP?
Has your husband remarried? If so why the first?
Also putting a name in the OP is very identifiable? Is this fictional?

victoryinthekitchen Sun 12-Jun-16 21:08:19

I got a surprise when I saw his new wife and family, must say I thought the first Mrs S seemed lovely and she was far more attractive than him on 'not easy being green.'

thelostboy Sun 12-Jun-16 21:11:03

If I understand you right, a minor league geek celeb has left his wife and started a new family with a younger woman?

So what? Marriages fail all the time, no reason to drag up the details of this one. No one's business but theirs.

Fwiw, I quite liked his telly stuff.

carrotcakecupcake Sun 12-Jun-16 21:11:10

The first Mrs S is v lovely and from what I understand has a new partner herself. I think she still goes by her married name, and is incredibly knowledgable about bees.

cankles Sun 12-Jun-16 21:14:08

yes, was a bit of surprise to see the original Mrs Strawbridge had been so quietly replaced but perhaps that's the way she wanted it, who knows. Maybe it was a blessed relief to get rid of him. Yes, OP, I agree yuck. YANBU.

HolesInTheFloor Sun 12-Jun-16 21:15:43

According to Wikipedia they separated in 2010 so hardly breaking news.

I just had to google his son as I remember him being rather gorgeous in Not Easy Being Green.

fourquenelles Sun 12-Jun-16 21:17:54

What a horrible post biscuit

ReggaeShark Sun 12-Jun-16 21:18:45

I found it weird. Can't he find another way to make money? Very deja vue. Yawn.

JenniferYellowHat1980 Sun 12-Jun-16 21:21:32

Well that's disappointing.

ShatnersBassoon Sun 12-Jun-16 21:21:34

She might have instigated the split and be over the bloody moon. Who knows?

These people are so insignificant, it's not like they've let the public down by failing to keep their marriage going. They're not exactly role models and none of us knows what has gone on, so why the interest and disgust?

Sparklingbrook Sun 12-Jun-16 21:24:26

What a horrible thread.

PacificDogwod Sun 12-Jun-16 21:26:38

Are your the first MrsS, OP? <squinty eyes>

Other than that, I have no idea who/what you are on about grin

YvaineStormhold Sun 12-Jun-16 21:28:18

Christ, is he only 56?

He needs to lose the 'tache, he looks quite twinkly eyed underneath all the face fungus.

Unless he's got bees living in it, or summat.

YvaineStormhold Sun 12-Jun-16 21:29:43

Angel Adoree?

I'd be willing to bet a fiver that's not her real name she looks like a burlesque artist

MsVestibule Sun 12-Jun-16 21:29:59

I don't know who you're talking about (apart from what I've picked up on this thread) but do you know anything about his first marriage breakdown? If not, how do you know it's a midlife crisis?

TheHiphopopotamus Sun 12-Jun-16 21:30:22

We have no idea why they broke up.

However, I did think that his second wife was actually his daughter when I first saw the programme blush I liked her though. And I'm very envious of their new home.

YvaineStormhold Sun 12-Jun-16 21:32:32

"There were some surreal moments, such as when Angel had to knock through a 2ft-thick wall to construct their own honeymoon suite. “My girl’s got a big chest and that jackhammer wobbles and she just jiggled away,” laughs Dick. "

Eurgh. I'd bloody kill my DP for that.

YvaineStormhold Sun 12-Jun-16 21:33:20

Their children are enormously cute.

<gets a bit obsessed>

ThatsMyStapler Sun 12-Jun-16 21:44:20

another one who has NO IDEA what / who you are talking about???

ThatsMyStapler Sun 12-Jun-16 21:46:17

googling the phrase "My girl’s got a big chest and that jackhammer wobbles and she just jiggled away" took me to

and i'm still non the wiser? who are these people?

PacificDogwod Sun 12-Jun-16 21:52:31

Oh, I remember Scrapheap Challenge! <happy>

"He’s like a little rabbit. He just keeps going on and on.” gringrin

Yes, my mind is in the gutter.
But I want their chateau

Ineedmorelemonpledge Sun 12-Jun-16 22:09:07

He was a kind of guest presenter on Scrapheap Challenge and then it snowballed into a career for him.

My ex was in the same Regiment in the Army.

Couldn't say a bad word about him.

Awful post.

caroldecker Sun 12-Jun-16 22:15:07

She was a successful designer who won funding on Dragon's Den. They met after he and his wife had split

expatinscotland Sat 25-Mar-17 20:29:32

She doesn't come across well, but hey, it's his life. Maybe his first wife found herself well rid of him. Bit of a typical spoony he is, the new young wife and young family when he's already a grandfather.

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