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Woman keeps demanding lifts! AIBU?

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blackcatwhitewhiskers Sat 27-Feb-16 13:53:23

This is so awkward.

I am friends with a lady (Jane) and we have a hobby we do together.

A few months ago Jane's sister Sue started coming along.

Jane is now unwell and not participating in this hobby - but sue keeps texting me and telling (!) me to pick her up!

It's really awkward. Sue doesn't live far away but it's in the opposite direction to the hobby.

I'm not being unreasonable, am I?

Flumplet Sat 27-Feb-16 14:04:25

No, yadnbu!!! Tell her to fuck off!!

wigglebum84 Sat 27-Feb-16 14:05:36

What do you say when she asks?

Joolsy Sat 27-Feb-16 14:06:00

Why don't you suggest you take it in turns?

blackcatwhitewhiskers Sat 27-Feb-16 14:16:56

Joolsy, she doesn't drive!

rookiemere Sat 27-Feb-16 14:17:50

How much extra time does it add to your trip? How long is the journey?

blackcatwhitewhiskers Sat 27-Feb-16 14:17:58

And I took her one week, then the next I said a very firm NO I didn't really, I made some feeble excuse up and now she's texted me telling me to pick her up!

I just replied saying 'can't, sorry.'

BigHairySpider Sat 27-Feb-16 14:18:34

Can't you ignore her texts and say your phone is playing up?

PegsPigs Sat 27-Feb-16 14:18:36

You don't owe her anything. No that doesn't suit me or sorry that won't be possible

blackcatwhitewhiskers Sat 27-Feb-16 14:18:44

Not long rookie. About fifteen minutes in total

AlpacaLypse Sat 27-Feb-16 14:18:53

Pre-emptive strike now. Text Sue 'Hi, just to let you know I won't be able to give you lifts to and from xyz anymore. Thought I'd give you plenty of warning as you do seem to be rather relying on me to do it'.

CooPie10 Sat 27-Feb-16 14:19:13

I would just say you can't as you have errands to do before and after.

AlpacaLypse Sat 27-Feb-16 14:19:43

lots of xposts...

RaptorsCantPlayPoker Sat 27-Feb-16 14:20:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NeedACleverNN Sat 27-Feb-16 14:21:05

Can she not walk to your house and go from there and then walk back?

That way your not going out of your way.

Would you be happy with this it would you rather not at all

blackcatwhitewhiskers Sat 27-Feb-16 14:21:16

Thanks Alpaca

I used the errand 'excuse' last week - she kept complaining how inconvenient it was! shock

blackcatwhitewhiskers Sat 27-Feb-16 14:21:57

Id be fine with her walking to my house in theory but she wouldn't, I know she wouldn't. It's a 7 minute drive just checked on google maps so half an hour walk?

NeedACleverNN Sat 27-Feb-16 14:23:51

Give her a choice?

Say if you make your way to mine I'll happily give you a lift otherwise your going to have to make your own way

rookiemere Sat 27-Feb-16 14:24:03

Does she drive? Could she drive to your house or could you split lifts?
Do you also not enjoy her company on the trip and how long is that?

HermioneWeasley Sat 27-Feb-16 14:28:04

Tell her if she's at your house at X time then you'll gladly give her a lift as it would be good to have someone to split the petrol cost with.

Bet you don't hear from her again!

clam Sat 27-Feb-16 14:29:27

How exactly does she phrase the "telling you" to pick her up?

Deefer101 Sat 27-Feb-16 14:29:42

Next time you're dropping her off home, make a detour first to pick up some shopping.

tealoveryum Sat 27-Feb-16 14:29:42

If she won't walk to your house then that's her issue. Give her the option and if she still asks for lifts just repeat 'as I told you....'

blackcatwhitewhiskers Sat 27-Feb-16 14:30:16

Good one hermione smile

I don't like her but I'm not churlish enough to refuse someone a lift if they get to mine but she won't, I know she won't!

She isn't nasty or anything but I think she's just got so used to relying on lifts ...

blackcatwhitewhiskers Sat 27-Feb-16 14:30:51

Clam it's literally 'hi blackcat what time are you picking me up'

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