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ComeonSummer1 Fri 26-Feb-16 18:40:09

Aibu to raise a glass that these vile men ,and women who helped them, have been jailed for years and years.

And I hope the child victims get the help they need.

SmallGreenBouncyBall Fri 26-Feb-16 18:42:09

I hope that other cases will also be brought to trial anc judged fairly and as harsh as appropriate.

ComeonSummer1 Fri 26-Feb-16 18:44:28

Absolutely small barbaric bastards.

Baaaaaaaaaaaa Fri 26-Feb-16 19:12:37

I really honestly think they should ALL have gotten 35 years. Even 'just' pimping should have receved 35 years, they were facilitating the rape, they knew what was going on, they were just as bad.

Wonder how long they'll all end up serving though!

Turbinaria Fri 26-Feb-16 19:24:22

Hopefully the length of the sentences will get the message out that you're pretty much taken away from society until you can't do this anymore.

Assuming full sentences are served - the concept of good behaviour for any of them seems contemptible.

originalmavis Fri 26-Feb-16 19:29:38

I hope that those who aided, turned a blind eye or 'knew but didn't do anything' are all brought to account. There is talk of deporting such creatures but i can't see that happening ('human' rights and all that).

How will they ever educate males that this is a whole new scale of wrong? What is happening in the communities and families where this is happening on such a scale that it can't gave been hidden?

AnyFucker Fri 26-Feb-16 19:36:34

In Rochdale some of the convicted child rapists are appealing deportation on the grounds of "right to a family life"


ComeonSummer1 Fri 26-Feb-16 19:46:02

Hopefully attitudes will change.

One victim aged 15 said SS saw her as being in s relationship with the ring leader!

How can a 15 year old be regarded like that when the man is years older?


The girls were seen as 'slags' and 'gang members' not children being abused by paedophiles.

iseenodust Fri 26-Feb-16 19:54:06

YANBU. More will follow I'm sure.

I worry the 'professionals' who colluded by turning a blind eye or wilfully dismissing concerns will not be subject to individual examination/judgment.

The councillors still in situ need to think if it is time to go now. I would have got rid of the lot regardless of the 'risk of instability' to the city.

Dawndonnaagain Fri 26-Feb-16 19:58:53

There is talk of deporting such creatures but i can't see that happening ('human' rights and all that).
I think you'll find that Australia stopped taking our criminals quite some time ago. hmm

BudsBeginingSpringinSight Fri 26-Feb-16 20:05:31

They were not born here Dawn they are from Pakistan. So they would be stripped of british citizenship and deported back there.

BudsBeginingSpringinSight Fri 26-Feb-16 20:06:44


I agree.

New people - without a doubt, the whole lot should go, any police, SW etc who all colluded, any teachers who saw the girls going to meet the men but did nothing.

All of them, new fresh blood with new fresh ideas.

Dawndonnaagain Fri 26-Feb-16 20:11:18

But that's not the case with all of them, Buds. McGregor and Davies were born here.

RomComPhooey Fri 26-Feb-16 20:13:25

Part of me thinks they are better off here. It feels wrong to ship them back to Pakistan where women have even fewer rights, are made to marry their rapists or gang raped in revenge attacks etc. What happened in Rotherham is utterly reprehensible, but at least their victims are now (finally!) getting justice and these men are being taken out of circulation.

VertigoNun Fri 26-Feb-16 20:17:02

They have long prison sentences to run and long human rights court cases yet. They will be very old men by the time they go to Pakistan. By which time the world could be a very different place.

Andrewofgg Fri 26-Feb-16 20:26:42

Anybody else half (or more than half) hoping that their sentences are reduced . . . by their fellow prisoners?

RomComPhooey Fri 26-Feb-16 20:26:51

Here's hoping - for our Pakistani sisters.

RomComPhooey Fri 26-Feb-16 20:27:33

My post was in reply to Vertigo, not Andrew.

VertigoNun Fri 26-Feb-16 20:28:28

That was an unfortunate x post. Yes plenty of time for a cultural change.

BudsBeginingSpringinSight Fri 26-Feb-16 20:30:07

Oh sorry confused I didnt realise we were splitting hairs!

The talk of deporting I assume is in reference to the ones who can be. But yes Rom com, it does also feel wrong to send them back.

Hedgehogparty Fri 26-Feb-16 20:31:02

Sadly I think these convictions today are just the tip of an iceberg.

The scale of abuse is truly frightening and personally I hope they can be deported.

ComeonSummer1 Fri 26-Feb-16 20:32:22

Rom yes see your point.

Andrew of course see your point but think it's too good for them really. Refer a long long suffer by jail.

BillSykesDog Fri 26-Feb-16 20:40:25

Yes, I saw Mohammed Shafiq from the Ramadhan foundation on the news early complaining how racist and unfair it was their citizenship was being revoked.

I also saw that the court heard when the abuse was happening one of the abusers parked up by a police station with a 12 year old. A police car pulled up and asked what they were doing and he said 'She's sucking my cock mate'. And they just left. A 12 year old. They didn't even ask if she was okay or consented, it's appalling.

There are plenty of people out there that were involved who have still not been brought to justice. Although it's great these men have been prosecuted it's just a sop, a token gesture to try and shut it up.

I know one of the victims and her family and I know the people involved have not been brought to justice. Her life has been ruined, she will never recover.

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Fri 26-Feb-16 20:40:54

I'm relieved at the severity of the sentencing and think these men, plus others like them, need to be taken out of society. Any society.

carlajean Fri 26-Feb-16 20:46:01

but one of the women only got a suspended sentence - I'm shocked

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