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to use some of the same pods twice? (tassimo owners)

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BogeyBrain Tue 29-Dec-15 09:51:21

We got a tassimo drinks machine for Christmas. We were/are thrilled as we have used it non stop since Christmas day. grin

I do wonder though, with cappuccinos and English tea's, whether I'd be stingy to try to use the same pod twice?
Or is it barmy? One pod per drink, no questions asked? wink

Light hearted despite curiosity.

Blueprintorange Tue 29-Dec-15 09:54:43

I don't think it would work a second time, even if the machine recognised the pod correctly, it would taste grim!

notenoughbottle Tue 29-Dec-15 09:55:55

I've tried it - it really does taste from. YABU!!!

notenoughbottle Tue 29-Dec-15 09:56:25

Taste grim rather!

PenelopePitstops Tue 29-Dec-15 09:56:53

Eww no they'd be all watery.

catfordbetty Tue 29-Dec-15 09:57:09

Try it. I think you will be disappointed with the result. I'm only guessing though - don't actually own a Tassimo machine.

BeyondJinglebells Tue 29-Dec-15 09:57:50

Nope sorry, it doesnt work. Well, it physically works, but it tastes like its been used for a second time.

Namechangedec15 Tue 29-Dec-15 09:58:58

You get pods for tea?!

How lazy and wasteful. Lots of plastic.

Never get why people use these, get an exoresso machine

TheWernethWife Tue 29-Dec-15 10:01:02

We have the Tassimo "Vivy" and love it. Only use our pods once, they are cheap enough to buy, even cheaper from Amazon.

bigboots80 Tue 29-Dec-15 10:01:31

Done it. Don't do it. Not nice.

BeyondJinglebells Tue 29-Dec-15 10:08:34

Actually, thinking about it, the one i tried that was okay-ish was the green tea with mint. But the rest were minging.

Groovee Tue 29-Dec-15 10:18:31

Name change... Yes you get tea pods because some people like me have disabilities which means lifting a kettle is dangerous for me and anyone round me. The tassimo machine is much safer for our house.

StrictlyMumDancing Tue 29-Dec-15 10:21:03

I use my pods twice, but only in the same cup if that makes sense. I like a bucket large cup and find the tassimo can sometimes give a small but strong amount so I find running them twice into a larger cup gives a nice, still strongish coffee. The second run through is much weaker though so it doesn't work as a second portion for someone else. Unless they like really weak drinks.

NickNacks Tue 29-Dec-15 10:23:13

I have a 'breville hot cup' which is great if you can't lift a kettle.

Namechangedec15 Tue 29-Dec-15 10:29:48

Groove, I highly doubt these tea pods are used mainly for the disabled (talk about a MN cliché).

A single serve kettle would probably be easier to use anyway as no fiddling around with loading it.

BeyondJinglebells Tue 29-Dec-15 10:30:58

I use tea discs (rarely) for me (prefer coffee)

For dh and the dcs, we use tea bags and the cleaning disc grin

NahItsOkTa Tue 29-Dec-15 10:32:37

That's told you namechange you judgemental arse. It's people like you who are ruining MN.

BeyondJinglebells Tue 29-Dec-15 10:32:38

Seems i'm a not walking cliché too then

StrictlyMumDancing Tue 29-Dec-15 10:32:57

beyond I've often wondered if I could use the cleaning disc for just water. Great to know it works

WeAllHaveWings Tue 29-Dec-15 10:33:07

We got a nespresso last year and instructions say don't use twice, something about over heating/cooking the coffee gives a very bitter taste. Dh tried it and didn't like it.

DaveMinion Tue 29-Dec-15 10:33:48

Second one just comes out watery. I tried.

BeyondJinglebells Tue 29-Dec-15 10:36:21

Strictly, its not the hottest water ever, but just right for thr kids smile

Ledkr Tue 29-Dec-15 10:48:06

I'm going to have extra coffees today just to fuck off namechange 😝😝

PurpleHairAndPearls Tue 29-Dec-15 10:49:39

<adjusts cliche badge>

I now have two Tassimo machines as we just got one for Christmas so the old one has been moved onto my bedside table. I genuinely can't lift or tilt a kettle some days and now on the days I can't get downstairs and DH is at work I can have a cup of tea! I also have little cartons of milk like you get in hotels. I must admit to being inordinately excited about this.

We do however recycle our pods for a children's charity that collects them or you can drop them off. I will try and find the details.

Anyway I posted to say that for those who like a big cup, there is a "grande" size available which appears to be new. It makes a hefty cup. Ironically, it won't fit in my special light sippy mug grin

BeyondJinglebells Tue 29-Dec-15 10:52:35

Purple, we had a second one for xmas too! And the old one has been relegated to bedroom table! How weird grin

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