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To not understand why people hate David Cameron and the Conservative Party?

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SuperWifeANDMum Thu 11-Sep-14 01:16:49

Just that really.

I am a Conservative voter.

PM Cameron has disappointed me in some ways such as his lax approach to curbing immigration, deporting foreign criminals and addressing the alarming benefit culture but he has implemented a fair few positive changes.

For example:

Reducing our Debt.
Introducing Bedroom Tax.
Cutting corporation tax.
Frozen Council Tax.

Of you vote labour, why?

I am deeply concerned at the thought of another Labour government next election.

RRRJ83 Thu 11-Sep-14 01:23:04

Urgh to 'alarming benefit culture'.

Unsure why you only want to hear from Labour voters.

I am deeply concerned about another conservative government ever.

Thebodyloveschocolateandwine Thu 11-Sep-14 01:29:31

Thank you Samantha now go flog your expensive bags dear.

Hope you have some plaid ones?

We could inscribe them with well done Eton at last those pesky Scots have finally pissed off

PhaedraIsMyName Thu 11-Sep-14 01:31:56

Are you really Nicola Sturgeon trying to stir up trouble?

SuperWifeANDMum Thu 11-Sep-14 01:32:16

I'm am genuinely intrigued as to why people vote labour. I know not a single labour voter so can't ask anyone in RL.

Why are you concerned about another Conservative government? Are you not worried that a labour government will spend us back into a recession?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 11-Sep-14 01:36:50

Hope your thread is a wind up. Okay you're a conservative voter that is your right but you really do not understand why they're hated.
Disabled/sick and mentally ill people are being deemed fit for work.
People are having to use food banks in the 21st century. FFS
Jobless people are being treated with more hate and contempt than fuckin criminals. Left without money through benefit sanctions if they're two minutes late for an appointment.. No money=No food. Even dirty fucking bastard twatting cunting rapists and child abusers eat F.F.S!!!!. I have never used language like that on here and I apologise to anyone it offends.
So you think Bedroom tax is okay do you and that children (who did not ask to be born) before you spout out that rubbish, people shouldn't have kids they can't afford.
I could go on but with give myself blood pressure.
I'll certainly be voting Labour at the next election.
And Breathe Ghost!

trashcanjunkie Thu 11-Sep-14 01:42:15

Because his head is shaped like a penis. Also because he and his party have absolutely no idea what it is to be born into poverty, within a community that has been destroyed by tories over generations, and to continue to be labelled as lazy and greedy.

That really, but I could go on....

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 11-Sep-14 01:43:33

Could go myself Trash but I'd be here all night.

LuisCarol Thu 11-Sep-14 01:47:55

David Cameron gave a speech publicly announcing that "austerity" was not a response to the current conditions but a long term "ambition" for the country to the Guildhall of London. I literally mean he sat on a golden throne and drank expensive wine from a goblet whilst blaming the state of the economy on poor people.

SuperWifeANDMum Thu 11-Sep-14 01:47:57

Bedroom Tax - Why should people on benefits live in council housing with more bedrooms then they need? These bigger houses should be given to larger families who need the extra space.

I agree wholeheartedly with the point you made about disabled and mentally ill people being deemed fit for work when they are not and about food banks.

However we should still have policy's in place that help and encourage benefit claimants back to work.

PhaedraIsMyName Thu 11-Sep-14 01:48:56

I have reported this thread. I am not a Conservative but I can't see what you are trying to achieve beyond goading people to be rude to you and each other and derail the, on the whole, civilised discussion on the indy threads.

SuperWifeANDMum Thu 11-Sep-14 01:51:18

How am I derailing the independence discussion?

PhaedraIsMyName Thu 11-Sep-14 01:51:22


I had a look at some of your other posts. You do tend to stick to a theme don't you?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 11-Sep-14 01:51:38

Yeah Super wife. Encourage and support not bully and have the unemployed terrified every time their letter box goes.

HattyMonkey Thu 11-Sep-14 01:54:26

Nice try! As if anyone would start a thread on this if they were real.

KneeQuestion Thu 11-Sep-14 01:57:06


Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 11-Sep-14 01:57:51

I can well believe it Luis. The poor will be blamed. They can't fight back.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 11-Sep-14 01:59:18

You're not by any chance Samantha Cameron are you, O.P

bp300 Thu 11-Sep-14 02:03:37

I voted conservative in the last election but in retrospect it was a mistake and I doubt I will be voting for them again, I probably won't vote at all. The OP is incorrect the debt hasn't come down it has almost doubled and we are still running a large deficit. There hasn't been any real austerity as such the spending is still the same but money has just been diverted to propping up the housing market via schemes such as help to buy etc.

BelleOfTheBorstal Thu 11-Sep-14 02:04:59

' more bedrooms than they need'
What about all those rich people, who have more houses than they need?
Should we not be addressing that first?

SuperWifeANDMum Thu 11-Sep-14 02:08:36

No not Samantha Cameron. While I may like Cameron I certainly do not want to share a bed with him grin

Sorry Phaedra if I have offended you. I have a genuine interest in politics and the Scottish debate has me wondering a few things about why people dislike the Conservative party.

I completely acknowledge that I am very fortunate to have never received benefits nor been affected by poverty so I apologise if I have offended anyone.

Becca19962014 Thu 11-Sep-14 02:09:11

Bedroom tax - in rural areas there is no where smaller for people to move to so they have no choice but to pay it, or people who have adapted the properties they have due to being disabled (accessible council properties are very very hard to get where I am) are now forced to pay bedroom tax because if they leave there is no funding to adapt anywhere else even if there was somewhere to go.

Getting people back to work? Well you will be happy to know that my friend five months ago was found fit for work because she had the nerve to live longer with her terminal cancer than predicted and could pick up a small carton of apple juice and use a telephone so at the medical she was deemed fit to work. She died a month later, terrified in hospital and facing being made homeless. And she is what our government consider a success story because she had been moved off benefit. Plenty are you know, just because a person doesn't claim anymore doesn't mean they work.

I won't even begin to go into my own personal experiences.

I won't vote for any of the main parties.

SuperWifeANDMum Thu 11-Sep-14 02:11:09

The difference is though we have actually bought our houses belle and don't claim benefits and neither are we living in too large a house that another family needs more than we do.

Becca19962014 Thu 11-Sep-14 02:11:17

Apologies for slight rant. Today was to be my friends 40th birthday.

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 11-Sep-14 02:21:20

Interesting. I have friends that vote Tory, Labour and Green, along with other parties. I have friends that attended Public schools and friends that live in poverty. If you don't, maybe you should ask yourself why...

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