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So is this bum sex malarky any good?

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GagaOlala Mon 12-Jul-10 22:32:59

Saw a previous headline and I want to know? Does it hurt like the first time and is it any good? Can a woman get an orgasm from it alone, or is it only good for the guys? And then there is the question of stools and I don't mean the three-legged kind.

Educate me please!

TastesLikePanda Mon 12-Jul-10 22:35:24

But - it's Monday?!

TastesLikePanda Mon 12-Jul-10 22:35:42

---lurking innocently---

bibbitybobbityhat Mon 12-Jul-10 22:36:31

Are you 12?

TitsalinaBumSquash Mon 12-Jul-10 22:37:47

Have i missed a few days?? <checks that it is infact Monday and not fallen into a 5 day coma...>

GagaOlala Mon 12-Jul-10 22:38:32

No I have kids and ave always been very precious about keeping that area of my life well sealed iykwim wink but am intrigued. Do most couples do it, are we weird that we don't?

Marjee Mon 12-Jul-10 22:43:27

I don't think you are weird, I've been married 2 years, living together 8 years and have never taken it up the arse! If you don't want to do it then don't

PurpleLostPrincess Mon 12-Jul-10 22:47:43

My xh (for a good reason!) talked me into trying it when we were on honeymoon in Paris, many many years ago. It was absolutely awful, I didn't enjoy it AT ALL and will never try it again. Thankfully, I've remarried and my DH isn't in the least bit interested in it, and even if he was, he would never put me under any pressure.

There must be people out there who enjoy it, and I've got the impression it's certainly more for the guys than the girls. I wouldn't recommend it though confusedblush

Poshwellies Mon 12-Jul-10 22:52:56

Wouldn't say it's one thing you have to try in life.

Feels like taking a shit backwards,hardly orgasmic.

Think it's the lack of prostrate that hinders the enjoyment.


funnysinthegarden Mon 12-Jul-10 22:56:17

s'alright. Tried it once or twice. You have to be VERY relaxed for it not to hurt. Tis all a bit urrrrggggghhhh though and gives ones DH thrush generally speaking.

Have to say though can be more <ahem> stimulating than ordinary shagging...........

scanty Mon 12-Jul-10 23:16:48

not with my piles and bum problems, no didley way!

StableButDeluded Mon 12-Jul-10 23:23:19

Ooh no way, don't fancy it at all. Thankfully DH not interested either.

funnysinthegarden Mon 12-Jul-10 23:23:26

ohhh no, not now obv after 2 children. Even the midwives were sniggering about my piles after I had DS2.

'You have a VERY large protrusion mrs funny, I have told all the other MW's and we are sniggering about it over our coffee'

blush blush blush

Fontella Mon 12-Jul-10 23:27:51

I've never fancied it and luckily I've never met a bloke who has fancied it (and there have been a few down the years - blokes that is). Don't think it's ever even come up in conversation?

TheLadyEvenstar Mon 12-Jul-10 23:43:16

<also checks she has not been in a 5 day coma>

Cheepz Tue 13-Jul-10 00:02:08

dh never asked to take that route, some previous bf's showed some interest but was clear in taking that option off the table...

you could always try it out in private with a vibe and a large tub of vaseline - if you are curious ...

jendaisy Tue 13-Jul-10 00:04:46

I was always dead against it until I had a boyfriend about 5 years ago who was slightly obsessed with it...he was determined to train me to like it and I have to say it worked. he was kind of 'average' to put it nicely in the downstairs department, and I had to be really bloody turned on to feel like I was up for it. But if I was in the right mood it was really good. Since we broke up I have tried it again, DP has a bit of a fixation with it but he is hung like a bloody donkey and any attempts he has made have been painful. So yes, worth trying I would say, but only if you are feeling particularly filthy and very relaxed, and preferably drunk too.

BaronessBomburst Tue 13-Jul-10 00:14:40

Finally! A bumsex thread! I keep hearing about them on other threads but have never actually found one before.

<marks thread before going to bed and will check again excitedly tomorrow morning>

Geocentric Tue 13-Jul-10 00:17:08

A well lubed condom helps as well, and keeps you from feeling blush about any possible debris...

diamondsandtiaras Tue 13-Jul-10 07:26:54

debris?? There would be debris?? I've just gone right off my branflakes.

EricNorthmansmistress Tue 13-Jul-10 08:27:43


queenofthecapitalwasteland Tue 13-Jul-10 08:33:48

coughing up morning coffee shock

This isn't something I thought I'd see on mn! I have tried, my OH is quite interested but never pressured. He's a bit 'average' wink as well so it wasn't painful or anything.

It does help to be very relaxed and I've never noticed debris blush but like poshwellies says, you have to get over the feeling of taking a crap (especially when he withdraws confused). I never been that stimulated by it tbh but it doesn't bother me too much so it's something special for him, when I'm in the mood.

stainesmassif Tue 13-Jul-10 08:39:33

one way street for me, much to dh's disappointment.

BouncingTurtle Tue 13-Jul-10 08:43:19

Good grief I thought we were meant to be saving these for Friday night?

DH told me he has a g/f when at university who was always up for bum sex. Think he would like it again, but not me, not with my dodgy bowels!

Has anyone tried posting about it on Dadsnet?

goodnightmoon Tue 13-Jul-10 08:46:38

it's terrible. an old boyfriend was keen and I stupidly went along with it. It took many attempts, all of which were painful and not sexy.

Then, years later, when we were merely friends, he boasted to one of my friends (in front of his friend and apropos of nothing) about how he'd f-d me up the a. That pretty much ended our "friendship." So maybe it is some kind of point scoring for certain men.

Fortunately DH has never expressed any interest and I would never encourage any interest.

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