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Delatron Sun 11-Jul-21 16:01:44

Anyone renewed a child’s passport recently? I had three weeks in my head as typical turnaround.
Just gone online to do it and it’s saying 10 weeks!

Stupidly I had missed any press saying it would be taking longer. I did mine a year ago and got it back in a week.

Any current turnaround times?

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thegcatsmother Sun 11-Jul-21 16:13:11

Mine went in for renewal and was the application and old passport got there at the end of June. Nothing since...

OddBoots Sun 11-Jul-21 16:17:21

I think it always takes a bit longer approaching summer as so many people leave it last minute. It will probably be quicker than 10 weeks though.

winesolveseverything Sun 11-Jul-21 16:17:32

I renewed my sons a couple of weeks ago. I did it online.
They received the application and the old passport by 24th June, and the new one was posted out on 30th June

Think it's been the quickest turnaround yet!

Not sure if we'll get to use it this summer but fingers crossed!

igelkott2021 Sun 11-Jul-21 16:22:54

Well when they were saying it was 3 weeks mine came back in a week, so it may well be much quicker than10 weeks.

Delatron Sun 11-Jul-21 16:23:52

Thanks all! I checked a website called ‘currentpassportwaittimes’ and it looks to be a few weeks at the moment. I’ll just have to cross my fingers and add it to the list of other things to stress about!

@winesolveseverything that’s positive it was so quick for you.

@thegcatsmother hope you get hoots soon!

I think it was back in April that they were saying it would take ages. It’s normally all over the press if there are huge delays.

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Delatron Sun 11-Jul-21 16:24:51

Good news, thanks @igelkott2021 that was quick.

Feeling slightly more hopeful. We have 5 weeks (if we actually get away)

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Chubbychubkins Sun 11-Jul-21 16:30:35

It is normally 3 weeks but people haven't been renewing them during the pandemic. I got laughed at by friends when I renewed mine in April, it took 4 days from posting the old one to getting the new one! But those same friends are now grumpy they haven't got theirs back.

ShanghaiDiva Sun 11-Jul-21 16:32:22

Ds renewed his at the end of June and it was back in 10 days.

Delatron Sun 11-Jul-21 16:32:26

That’s what I’m worried about @Chubbychubkins
We’ll just have to see I guess. I’ve not read anything in the press about a big backlog so hopefully I’ve got in early enough.

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Delatron Sun 11-Jul-21 16:33:07

Thanks @ShanghaiDiva
That sounds positive.

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thegcatsmother Sun 11-Jul-21 16:51:37

I'm not going anywhere, but need to renew my driving licence and having a passport takes the faff away from that.

SisyphusDad Sun 11-Jul-21 16:53:00

DS just renewed his passport (child to adult) and it was really quick - two or three weeks at most.

His provisional driving licence on the other hand...

Delatron Sun 11-Jul-21 16:56:53

Thanks @SisyphusDad it’s good to hear that. I hope he gets his provisional licence soon!

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thegcatsmother Mon 12-Jul-21 20:08:35

Got home to an email saying my passport has been approved and will be sent shortly. Thus, about 10 working days from my old passport getting there to my new one being issued.

Missedopportunity Mon 12-Jul-21 20:10:56

Can't you book to go in and get your passport the same day or within a week? Or has Covid stooped that too?

Legaleaglenot Mon 12-Jul-21 20:13:54

10 days.

Delatron Mon 12-Jul-21 20:19:04

Thanks for the update @thegcatsmother
That’s speedy and encouraging @Legaleaglenot

@Missedopportunity yes you can. But I’d already applied as I thought 5 weeks would be long enough. Then had a panic after I’d submitted the application!

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Bythepath Mon 12-Jul-21 20:28:33

I did all 3 of my DCs about 3 weeks ago. I also saw that 10 week time and panicked as we were going to see family in hopefully 7 weeks. I applied Friday evening, my friend verified them on the weekend, put them in the post on Monday and all 3 were back by the following Monday. So 10 days including 2 weekends.

Delatron Mon 12-Jul-21 20:34:11

Oh thank you @Bythepath that is making me feel much better.

I had such a shock when I saw 10 weeks. I was working on 3 weeks as a worse case!

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rooarsome Mon 12-Jul-21 21:14:19

I applied 3 weeks and 1 day ago and still waiting.

Delatron Mon 12-Jul-21 21:18:16

Oh that’s a worry @rooarsome was it a renewal? I hope it arrives soon.

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GrealishHairband Mon 12-Jul-21 21:20:29

Passport office received DS old passport on Monday last week and I got an email to say his new one was on its way on Friday.

Delatron Mon 12-Jul-21 21:22:08

Thanks @GrealishHairband it’s good to hear the speedy stories!

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highlighterpink Mon 12-Jul-21 21:23:11

I got a child's renewal back in 8 days at the end of last month. There is less demand at the moment and I've read elsewhere that turnaround times a meeting quick.

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