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ADs crave hotel breakfasts garnished with phallic strawberries

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BogRollBOGOF Sat 03-Oct-20 09:18:35

Oh for the good old days of a breakfast buffet.

Back when you could make plans and reasonably expect them to happen. When you could turn up spontaneously and browse or linger at your leisure. When you could meet whoever you like and give them a hug

But until those days return, here's some more AD chat about life, the universe and phallic fruits...

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SirSamuelVimes Sat 03-Oct-20 09:28:13

Excellent new title and opening post! My Nutella on stake toasted loaf crust this morning feels even more disappointing now.

Ibake Sat 03-Oct-20 09:28:51

Thanks @BogRollBOGOF

110APiccadilly Sat 03-Oct-20 09:32:57

We will be having cooked breakfast for dinner today. But now I really want a pain au chocolat for actual breakfast. (Fortunately for my health, I'm too lazy to go to town to get one!)

110APiccadilly Sat 03-Oct-20 09:36:22

It strikes me that I have not been adequately milking this pregnancy thing. If I'd played my cards right, I could be claiming cravings right now and sending DH out for the chocolately breakfast goodness. But I think he'll be suspicious of a sudden craving for something I like anyway in week 31... he knows me too well.

Worldgonecrazy Sat 03-Oct-20 09:41:22

‘Should not go trick or treating’ means guidance not law. It’s all bollix

TrustTheGeneGenie Sat 03-Oct-20 09:46:14

No trick or treating is so miserable! And I'm not a massive fan of Halloween anyway but Jesus Christ. Fun sucking arse holes this government. I'd like to know the real actual scientific risk of a small child reaching for a bag of haribos out of a bowl. Realistically how many people is this going to make ill?

110APiccadilly Sat 03-Oct-20 09:48:13

Would have thought the obesity risk from trick or treat was higher than the Covid risk - but perhaps I shouldn't give them ideas!

flower11 Sat 03-Oct-20 09:48:31

I agree I bake. I keep thinking what the heck is going on. This is what annoys me about people like Larry we are not sheep blindly following the fear we look at the bigger picture and question .
I had an argument with someone at work the other day going on about the death rate is going up we need to lock down. There were 38 deaths that day. How many people died in car accident of diabetes, heart attack. How many children died of malnutrition or d and v because they have no clean water. It makes me angry that only covid deaths matter. We don't make such a fuss over any other illness why is covid so more important than anything else.
I work for the NHS I'm angry that the government are letting everyone down. That people on this thread may lose elderly relatives because they can't get treatment they need. Children are missing out on vital occupational therapy. Mental health care is non existent no help for self harming and suicidal teens.
I know of 2 people that committed suicide as a direct result of lockdown. Far too many deaths are going to happen not from covid but because of it.
I believe all deaths matter and all lives matter, that means people getting the care and support that they need. And people being able to go about their business and not been bullied for not wearing a mask because they are exempt. And people maybe just thinking about others a bit more and showing compassion and it not being about you must all protect meee cause I'm so much better than you.
That is what this thread has largely been about that is why it is so good.

MagdaS Sat 03-Oct-20 09:53:17

Checking in ADs.

There is certainly no lounging about allowed from my DH at the weekend or any time. I think it helped that I went back to work almost full time after DS1, with a load of evening meetings which overran bedtime, so he had to get on with it.

I would definitely just be marching out of the house and leaving him to get on with it Robin.

110APiccadilly Sat 03-Oct-20 09:53:17

In 2018, 272,000 children under 5 died of malaria. Covid restrictions could mean that figure is doubled this year:

Does anyone care?

Ibake Sat 03-Oct-20 09:58:28

I find the front page of absolutely fascinating for global data. If you scroll down to the health section in particular. YTD 5.7 million children under 5 have died. The deaths from cancer and smoking. Over 800k suicides already this year across the world. I screenshot the figures last week with the sole intention of looking this time next year to see what those figures look like as a possible consequence of Covid.

CruCru Sat 03-Oct-20 10:01:52

Thanks for the new thread!

DominaShantotto Sat 03-Oct-20 10:18:08

Good morning

Taswama Sat 03-Oct-20 10:27:59

Signing in to the new thread.

ISaySteadyOn Sat 03-Oct-20 10:33:10

Quick checking in.

catsareme14 Sat 03-Oct-20 10:34:26

What's an AD please ?

Orangeblossom7777 Sat 03-Oct-20 10:36:38

Haha, I posted about the Halloween on the covid board and got 'who the hell would do that' type responses...hmm mine are too old for it anyway.

To be honest I used to hate it and used to get DH to do it! But that's just me..

SirSamuelVimes Sat 03-Oct-20 10:37:14


What's an AD please ?

If you look back through chat you'll find a whole load of previous threads, best thing to do is just have a read and get a feel for it.

Orangeblossom7777 Sat 03-Oct-20 10:38:00

I'm the lounging one here, DH gets cross and takes them out saying they will stay on their we have the opposite vibe here sometimes. (weekends) I think, it can fall into a pattern sometimes. Give and take is the best thing.

RobinHobb Sat 03-Oct-20 10:47:20

Everyone thanks for your kind words and support. I posted on the last thread but the gist of it was 1) Thank you for being so lovely 2) I was too mentally fragile to post on AIBU so thanks for the reasoned and rational responses and 3) got back from baby ballet militantly intending to wake up DH to find he was already awake and saying he'll be down in 30 minutes to take care of kids as he can see I want to go for a run (the running kit).
Annoyance is gradually fading. He is a bit of dick with leaving all the childcare on me nearly 99% of the time, but I think I also need to start laying down the law a bit more. He can't stay married to his work.

(Re status: Im a Sahm doing a post graduate research degree. This is proving quite challenging right now!)

RobinHobb Sat 03-Oct-20 10:48:21

oh and to bring back to AD territory, my sister who has very extreme views on lockdown (AD but more) and works in a nursery was composing in the middle of the night
Half Witty and Unbalanced Sitting on a Tree
First came Fake Data
Then came Charts
Then came Lockdown
And a Crappy Christmas

Orangeblossom7777 Sat 03-Oct-20 10:58:15

That's funny- I suggested in innocence, maybe those wanting to not join in with guising, (trick or treating) just could not put out a pumpkin (round here you show you are joining in with putting one out

"A pumpkin doesn't make you immune!" is the angry retort. Such venom over Halloween...

DipSwimSwoosh Sat 03-Oct-20 11:02:42

How are everyone's extended family relationships fairing amid this madness? We are a family of 5, so can't officially see anyone else really. My parents and sister have always been a bit shit at making effort at the best of times. Now they have every excuse.
My parents last came to visit over a year ago. My youngest is 2. I'm beginning to feel like our relationship will never recover.

DipSwimSwoosh Sat 03-Oct-20 11:09:53

Great post flower11

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