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Action movie for 5 year old

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MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 10:01:18

Any recommendations? DD and I watched The Sleepover a few weeks ago and she really enjoyed it. We do a cinema night every Saturday at home so I’m looking for an action film again this week.

I think she might find Bumblebee a bit boring. Spy Kids is not on any streaming service but that’s the kind of film I’m looking for.

Other films we have watched that have some kind of action:
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Jurassic Park
Harry Potters
The Goonies

We’ve been doing it for a couple of years so there are probably ones I’ve missed off but we also have done a few classic movies, loads of animated films, lots of comedies too.

All suggestions welcome!

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MolyHolyGuacamole Fri 18-Sep-20 10:16:41

Not sure how 'action' this is, but I really enjoyed Honey I Shrunk the Kids as a child! It's on Disney Plus or you can get the DVD very cheaply on Amazon

MolyHolyGuacamole Fri 18-Sep-20 10:21:31

Ooh and Hook! Basically any kids movie form the 80s/90s, seems she's seen a few already!

MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 10:23:19

Ah yes, we tried that one but it was over a year ago. She liked the bee, ant and dog bits but found the rest a bit boring. I think with The Sleepover she enjoyed the catching the bad guy element.

Good suggestion though!

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MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 10:23:49

Oh yes, and done Hook! She loves it when the crocodile falls at the end 😂

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MolyHolyGuacamole Fri 18-Sep-20 10:33:16

Matilda? Haha I like the challenge of finding a film that she hasn't already seen! I love movies as well and love sharing them with little ones.

Princess Bride?

MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 10:34:02

Done Matilda but not Princess Bride so that’s a possibility!

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MolyHolyGuacamole Fri 18-Sep-20 10:34:36


was on Netflix a while ago, not sure if it still is. My brother was 4 when we watched it on repeat. A tad traumatising in bits but she's seen Jurassic Park so figure she's made of strong stuff

MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 10:41:01

Yes, I asked if she wanted to watch it but she wasn’t that keen. I think fantasy elements are not her jam. But a big pink flying dog should be, right?

She didn’t get on with space jam either for some reason. She used to love Star Wars (first 3) but now hates it.

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MolyHolyGuacamole Fri 18-Sep-20 13:42:14

@MiddleClassProblem ooooh my favourite Star Wars as a child was Return of the Jedi. Your DD has great taste in film!

...The Witches? Borderline scary, but I loved the transformation scenes. And talking mice!

MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 14:03:38

Done the witches. She’s done most horror/Halloween type kids films as they are her favourite but she wants something a bit more kick ass, and kids doing it. Spy kids would have been perfect. I’m wondering if I should rent it but there might be something else.

I think karate kid is too slow, she needs more action movie style. I will check what rationing Indianna Jones is too...

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Rayn Fri 18-Sep-20 14:04:32

My daughter loves Madeline and The Pacifier!

Rayn Fri 18-Sep-20 14:05:01

Also the boy who would be king

MobLife Fri 18-Sep-20 14:08:40

The Pikachu film is pretty good-age appropriate action film and my DS who is a similar age really loved it!

NoKnit Fri 18-Sep-20 14:17:36

Good grief I wouldn't let my 7 year old watch a lot of those films. The Goonies at 5 years old? Honestly are you serious? Ghostbusters there is no way she can follow the story. What you going to watch with her when she's 9?

MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 14:28:03

Both were tv daytime versions so certain scenes cut but I’m not sure either are hard to follow plot wise. She certainly understood them. They are family movies.

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lilmishap Fri 18-Sep-20 14:34:09

The Horrid Henry movie and Willy Wonka got played to death by my 5 and 7 yr old throughout lockdown. Depp version for some reason they don't love Wilder as Wonka, I have tried to force them.

MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 14:35:56

We did the Depp version last Saturday. I want to show her they other one as I think it’s better. I think she will like that it has more songs in it.

Is the Horrid Henry movie good? She’s seen some of the tv show and we have a book of short stories I read to her.

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lilmishap Fri 18-Sep-20 14:35:57

Oooh and the newer version of BFG. I don't like that one as much but the Buckingham Palace bit gets me giggling, the big hill and rubbish trucks as skates bit was a hit in my house.

Einszwei Fri 18-Sep-20 14:39:20

Sky High? It's a Disney superhero movie - similar feeling to spy kids.

lilmishap Fri 18-Sep-20 14:40:19

I cant stand it now, But thats because I hear it in my sleep. It took longer than most films to drive me potty though.
It also has a whole cast of people that make go "OOOh it's them from that, that and that. What's his/her name again?" It surprised me how well casted it was.

MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 14:41:46

She also liked the Depp version because she had seen the daytime edit of Pirates of the Caribbean (she loves the skeletons 😳) a few times as we recorded it for her. So she liked seeing him playing a different role. A bit like Angelica Houston in witches and then Daddy Daycare (although still thought she might be a witch).

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MiddleClassProblem Fri 18-Sep-20 14:42:41

Oooh I will look into that. Thanks!

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Monkeyseesmonkeydoesnt Fri 18-Sep-20 14:44:14

Flight of the navigator, batteries not included and although not entirely age appropriate, marvel films or old disney

pimble Fri 18-Sep-20 14:44:23

Shark boy and lava girl
Night at the museum
Remake of jumanji if you don't mind a couple of swears
Dora the explorer

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