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What have you eaten today? Part 3

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AwkwardSquad Fri 03-Jan-20 19:36:57

New thread for a new year!

A diary thread for our daily meals, to record, share, glean menu inspiration and chat, but no judging each other’s food choices.

Let’s include some recipe-sharing in this thread smile

AwkwardSquad Fri 03-Jan-20 19:39:16

Old thread

AwkwardSquad Fri 03-Jan-20 19:43:51

B - muesli, flaxseed, blackcurrant coulis, yoghurt
L - Brie and crackers, carrot and cucumber sticks, grapes, a pear
A fig and nut ball
D - smoked haddock risotto cake with parmesan and breadcrumb topping with tenderstem broccoli and peas

Planning on making a butternut squash, potato and radicchio bake tomorrow

Bloodybridget Fri 03-Jan-20 21:09:24

Thanks for starting a new thread AwkwardSquad.
B: fruit and fibre, toast and Marmite, black coffee.
Late morning: cappuccino.
L: mashed avocado with lemon juice and chilli, a slice of toast and a few crackers. A tangerine.
Supper: pasta with chickpeas, tomatoes and parmesan, lettuce and avocado salad, red wine.

onlyhereforthefood Fri 03-Jan-20 22:02:40

B- cinnamon porridge made with almond milk
S- clementine
L- tofu bento from waitrose
S- obligatory popchips (still not sick of them!)
D- 1/2 aldi american hot pizza, big salad
S- 2 crumpets with peanut butter and a banana

Tinselviolin Fri 03-Jan-20 22:48:12

B: overnight oats with yoghurt and banana
L : hummus, carrot sticks, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, rocket leaves, spring onions, sourdough bread
S: apple
D: lentil and cauliflower korma, rice. Almond Mincemeat tart for dessert.

AwkwardSquad Sat 04-Jan-20 19:09:16

Butternut squash bake was very tasty, had it with haloumi and rocket salad. It’s a Rachel Roddy recipe.

Breakfast was the usual muesli etc, and lunch was brie, walnut bread and a pear. Also had a slice of yoghurt cake, a couple of wafer biscuits and some tortilla chips.

DartmoorChef Sat 04-Jan-20 19:12:41

Sausage and fried cheese sandwich
Bag of mini cheddars
Bag of pombears
Lots of maple and pecan matchmakers
A few chunks of white Stilton and some pickled onions
Waiting for jerk chicken to be cooked then having that with rice

Disclaimer, it's my first day off work since 3 December and I'm having a very lazy day 😂

Nuttyaboutnutella Sat 04-Jan-20 19:29:47

B: 2 slices of toast with peanut butter, lots of tea and coffee
Shortbread biscuit
L: cheese & onion omelette, with salad. A banana, and a rhubarb yoghurt.
Orange juice and picked at my son's lunch leftovers.
D: chicken & vegetable Thai curry with rice and a few prawn crackers. Lemonade.

Might have a couple of hazelnut Lindt chocolates soon.

ChunkyButFunkeyy Sat 04-Jan-20 19:49:32

Cheese and crackers,
Creme egg
Bar of dairy milk
Chicken Katsu curry
Melt in the middle chocolate pudding with raspberry ripple ice cream.

Not the best today..

birkenstocks4ever Sat 04-Jan-20 19:56:02

No breakfast
Boiled egg, tomato & mayo 1/2 baguette and bag of chicken McCoy's
Fish pie and broccoli
Will hoover up bag of honey cashews and a gin after kids gone to bed

Shockers Sat 04-Jan-20 20:06:42

Half a tub of Yeo Valley keffir.

Six crackers, 3 with Brie, 3 with garlic and onion cheddar.

Lentil and vegetable cottage pie.

6 Thornton’s chocolates (why??)

2 glasses of AF red wine.

MrsJonesAndMe Sat 04-Jan-20 20:08:52

Love seeing other people's meal plans!

B: slice of Quiche Lorraine lurking in the fridge
S: brownie and hot choc while out
L: beef stew with brown rice
S: pop corn, tolberone
T: curry and brown rice
S: panetonne

blush too much Christmas junk around!

TheChosenTwo Sat 04-Jan-20 20:15:19

No breakfast
Lunch was leftover blackened steak and noodles from last night, I steamed some greens to go with it.
For dinner we are having pork souvlaki with homemade pittas, There are cauliflower buffalo wings (bosh vegan recipe) for those who don’t want pork or fancy both.

onlyhereforthefood Sat 04-Jan-20 21:36:37

B- wholemeal roll with 2 rashers smoked bacon and mushrooms
L- m&s prawn layered salad & a sushi snack pack
S- popchips
D- chicken dippers, oven chips, mixed veg
S- pint halo top salted caramel ice cream

Not the greatest day!

Bloodybridget Sun 05-Jan-20 03:14:14

B: porridge with maple syrup, toast and marmite, black coffee.
Later: black coffee.
L: leftover pasta with chickpeas and tomatoes.
Cup of tea in the afternoon.
Supper: kedgeree and green beans, plum and apple crumble with Greek yogurt, white wine.

Tinselviolin Sun 05-Jan-20 12:12:20

B: overnight oats with yoghurt and apple
L: hummus and tomato sandwiches, satsuma
D: mixed veg and potato tray bake with an egg

AwkwardSquad Sun 05-Jan-20 19:06:37

Today I was rather snacky and extremely lazy - I’ve been binge-watching The Witcher lying on the sofa.

B - usual muesli etc
L - big salad with two boiled eggs
D - bean stew, brown pilau rice, tenderstem broccoli, dollop of creme fraiche
And... some red grapes, a pear, a small slice of yoghurt cake, hazelnut wafers and milk chocolate.

onlyhereforthefood Sun 05-Jan-20 20:03:19

B- cinnamon porridge with almond milk
L- spaghetti hoops on wholemeal toast (with olive spread)
S- gingerbread grenade bar
D- chicken casserole, root vegetable mash, mixed greens
S- banana, greek yoghurt and a big handful granola.

Tinselviolin Sun 05-Jan-20 21:08:31

B: overnight oats with apple (ran out of yoghurt sad)
L: finally opened the naice cheeses from Christmas, plus bread and salad
S: chocolate biscuit
D: spicy vegetable noodles with toasted cashews. Cranachan.

Redpriestandmozart Sun 05-Jan-20 21:34:47

B. Overnight oats
L. Vegetable soup
D. Vegan lasagna with salad

60oz water, 2 Yorkshire biscuit teas and a coffee

Nuttyaboutnutella Sun 05-Jan-20 21:43:04

Period started today so hungry day/craved sugar

B: Greek yogurt, nutty granola, blueberries. Toast with marmalade, 2 cups of tea
S: handful of pringles
L: wholemeal roll with tuna mayonnaise/sweetcorn/cucumber, Hula hoops & orange segments
S: coffee and quality street chocolates (lost count of how many 😂 )
D: moussaka
Now: banana & custard and a cup of tea

TheChosenTwo Sun 05-Jan-20 21:53:22

B: pink lady Apple
S: bag of twiglets and a double decker
L: tabbouleh salad with feta and goats cheese
D: roast chicken, roast parsnips and potatoes, kale and green beans.

Bloodybridget Sun 05-Jan-20 23:39:02

B: muesli with prunes, toast and marmite, black coffee.
Later: cappuccino.
L: cheese on toast, tea. Some almond milk chocolate.
Supper: a couple of garlic and parmesan twists (delicious little pastry things from M&S brought by DB and SIL). Veg curry, dhal and lemon rice, cucumber raita, lime pickle, nan. White wine. Plum and apple crumble with Greek yogurt, tea.

sassafras123 Sun 05-Jan-20 23:53:21

cheese n ham toastie
crab pate toast
cauliflower n broccoli cheese
few glasses of wine

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