so if i want a non-tacky christmas tree what has to go?

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nappyaddict Tue 25-Nov-08 10:44:14

I am letting DS decorate his own in the playroom (with a bit of help from me) so we are going to have our first non-tacky christmas tree grin

We have:

Angel's hair
White static lights
White flashing lights

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cherryontopofthexmastree Tue 25-Nov-08 10:46:55

the lights, tinsel and baubles can stay as long as they are tasteful. the beads instead of tinsel if you would prefer but the rest has to go.

jeee Tue 25-Nov-08 10:46:56

Sadly, if I want a non-tacky (read, real) christmas tree, I'll have to get rid of the 18 month old.

Romy7 Tue 25-Nov-08 10:46:56

noooooooooooo! keep it all and buy more!

nappyaddict Tue 25-Nov-08 10:56:50

cherry - can both sorts of lights stay? When you say the tinsel can stay do you just mean the normal tinsel or the lametta and angel's hair string stuff too?

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witchandchips Tue 25-Nov-08 10:58:13

keep just the lights + perhaps the baubles.

We have a compromise with ds in that ds cuts out out christmas shapes from coloured card or old christmas cards from last year. We just have these with lights as decorations and actually it manages to look quite tasteful + child friendly at the same time

nappyaddict Tue 25-Nov-08 11:11:28

WAC - i can't imagine a christmas tree with no baubles on it!! perhaps i'm not cut out for this untackyness grin Are both flashing and static lights ok to keep?

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princessmel Tue 25-Nov-08 11:13:30

Tacky xmas trees are the best type! Ours has all sorts on it and looks really lovely and cosy. We have all colours and styles of decoration.
Department store type ones just dont feel homely to me!

But I'd deffo ditch the lamenta. Always hated the stuff!

princessmel Tue 25-Nov-08 11:14:15

Oh and ditch the angel hair too!

ILiketoMarmiteMarmite Tue 25-Nov-08 11:16:48

You're basically asking what Christmas tree decorations would other people find acceptable? What would you think tacky if you came to my house?

I can't understand threads like this just put up what you like and don't obsess about what people are going to think of you.

cremolafoam Tue 25-Nov-08 11:20:12

have a small tacky christmas tree in ds bedroom.with everything he wants on it
have a fab non tacky version in the living room:
real tree
white lights only
small natural or plain white decs
keep to one colour and
no tinsel

Simplysally Tue 25-Nov-08 11:20:42

What is lametta?

MadameCastafiore Tue 25-Nov-08 11:21:18

Bin the tinsel and the flashing lights immediately!

ILiketoMarmiteMarmite Tue 25-Nov-08 11:22:26

And wtf is lametta anyway?

nappyaddict Tue 25-Nov-08 11:23:10


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NorkyButNice Tue 25-Nov-08 11:23:48

We're having two trees for the first time - a "classy" tree upstairs (white lights, red/green/gold baubles, red/gold beads/wire angels and stars). It looks classier than it sounds!

In the play area we'll be having a small neon tack-fest of an Xmas tree - as many decorations as I can cram onto it grin

ILiketoMarmiteMarmite Tue 25-Nov-08 11:24:49

Well tbh it doesn't look great but I do think you should decorate your tree for yourself and your ds and the rest of your family, do it to your taste not someone else's. smile

pinkmunkee Tue 25-Nov-08 11:25:15

grin Marmite- isn't it fun to discuss these things???

I say ditch the tinsel. Anything else goes! Put the tinsel in your hair instead. wink

mazzystartled Tue 25-Nov-08 11:26:06

i don't see the point of non tacky christmas trees
all a bit too anthea turner

every year we say we are going to ditch the lametta [or silvery shite as it is known in our house] and every year we end up chucking a shedload on

Simplysally Tue 25-Nov-08 11:26:45

I've got a pre-lit green tree from B & Q and random decorations from Tescos. I'm not fond of tinsel (or lametta by the looks of it) I must admit.

My dd has a pre-lit vile pink tree which I foolishly bought her a few years ago. Hopefully she'll grow out of it grin.

TsarChasm Tue 25-Nov-08 11:28:17

Keep lights. White are good. Keep baubles, beads and tinsel but stick to 2 or three colours if you can.

No to ribbon, bows, lametta and angel hair (odd stuff is angel hair, makes me think of Halloween rather than Christmas).

nappyaddict Tue 25-Nov-08 11:28:31

We are having 3 trees this year grin one gold tree in the living room, one red tree in the dining room and one mish mash tree in the playroom.

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ILiketoMarmiteMarmite Tue 25-Nov-08 11:30:29

Yes pinkmunkee that's why I put a smiley there on my last post, because I thought I'd sounded grumpy, then I saw it and thought hmm when I see a bitchy post with a smiley I think ooooo passive aggression, then I got all confused in myself and wished I'd never entered the thread.


fwiw I always think trees which are too styled look a bit department store windowish. I like a few home-made decs and the aged cracked 70s bauble which is your keepsake of your granny's tree etc.

pinkmunkee Tue 25-Nov-08 11:40:08

I cross posted with the smile, marmite. I agree about the decs. I buy/ acquire 2 new ones every year so love them all for different reasons. Tasteful? Na!!!

bozza Tue 25-Nov-08 12:03:25

I think my tree strikes the middle ground - not sterile and tasteful, not tacky and wacky. grin

We have:
real christmas tree (tick)
gold star on top (tick)
plain white slow flashing lights (tick I think)
some tasteful gold glass ornaments (tick)
no tinsel (tick)
some wooden ornaments (tick)
bows (tick IMO)

but also:
lametta (cross)
Esso freebie baubles from the 80s (cross but they are DS's favourites)
various wierd and wonderful over glued stuff made by the children (cross)

Have kitten this year though so who knows what will happen...

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