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M&S Christmas food to order online now

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gbpaln Wed 30-Sep-20 11:06:06

Went online today and you can pre-book your collection slot. Nothing really different to last year, was hoping for a new yummy dessert but at least they had Christmas Colin!

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HEYAhhhhhhhhh Wed 30-Sep-20 11:24:16

Yayyyy!! Excited!

XiCi Wed 30-Sep-20 11:26:56

This has made my day smile Off to look now

Mumdiva99 Wed 30-Sep-20 11:33:13

We had M&S shin of beef, turkey crown and ham on boxing day last year with some of their deserts. I was cooking for 12. The food was delicious and easy to do. Due to covod I don't think we will be entertaining the same this year and won't be able to afford m&s either.

apostropheuse Wed 30-Sep-20 11:35:16

I just came on to say this - my order's placed! grin

FrancisCross Wed 30-Sep-20 12:42:54

Never ordered from M&S before but am contemplating getting a few bits, particularly desserts. Is there anything anyone would particularly recommend? Is it actually any better than say top end Asda/Sainsbury’s etc? Thanks

Cakestandkitchen Wed 30-Sep-20 13:04:06

We are ordering the shin of beef again. And a colin.

Had the beef last year and it was amazing.

JacobReesMogadishu Wed 30-Sep-20 13:07:33

Christmas Colin looks amazing but dd is coeliac and dh hates chocolate and I really don't think I ought to eat a whole Colin. 😁

greyinganddecaying Wed 30-Sep-20 13:13:41

Can you point me to the right part of the website for this please? Can't find it anywhere!

BeaLola Wed 30-Sep-20 13:17:40

Can I ask having never used it before do you have the chance to edit your order after placing to add extras like you can do for a Tesco's grocery shop or once placed is that it ?

treeeeemendous Wed 30-Sep-20 13:35:28

I ordered the shin of beef last year, and when I went to collect my order they didn't have any left! They said they'd only received half the amount of them they ordered. Will try again this year.

Someonesayroadtrip Wed 30-Sep-20 13:38:02

Thanks, that's the turkey ordered plus a Colin and and cheese cake.

Toomanycats99 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:41:17

I love the mushrooms in pastry thing. I bought for a veggy one year and have bought again since as it's so lovely.

Mosasaur Wed 30-Sep-20 13:43:16

My local store is sold out of collection slots already. Think there must be loads of people not wanting to go shopping because of Covid. Can you book a slot and edit your order later like you do with Asda? Or is it one order and done?

augustusglupe Wed 30-Sep-20 14:01:49

Thanks for the heads up OP Ordered!! smile

NoWordForFluffy Wed 30-Sep-20 14:02:39

That's really early; it's normally in early October. Obviously trying to get ahead of the crowds!

XiCi Wed 30-Sep-20 15:08:22

My local store is sold out of collection slots already
Ok that's just made me panic buy Christmas dinner. All booked.

CrunchyNutNC Wed 30-Sep-20 15:13:53


I'm not sure it is significantly better than many supermarket top range things to be honest but I do think the quality is more consistent and reliable - whereas you supermarket can be more hit or miss between different products.

I do a supermarket British frozen turkey, but m&s for stuffing and cakes/desserts. I like m&S quiche. Bread good too.

Oblomov20 Wed 30-Sep-20 15:15:07

Blimey. Sold out already?

Trumpton Wed 30-Sep-20 15:31:29

22nd not available .
I got an early slot on 23rd .

Yes you can add stuff to your order later .

Trumpton Wed 30-Sep-20 15:33:14

How do I amend my order?
You can amend and/or cancel your Christmas and New Year food orders until 5pm on 10 December 2020 by calling our Contact Centre team on 0333 014 8222 between 9am-7pm, 7 days a week. Don’t forget, your deposit is non-refundable.

FrancisCross Wed 30-Sep-20 15:52:37


Thank you. I went for a turkey, sides and several desserts.

Is there a way to add to your order online or is it only via the customer care telephone?

FourPlasticRings Wed 30-Sep-20 16:00:16

Super! Thanks for the heads up

Splodgetastic Wed 30-Sep-20 16:04:59

I want to marry Colin.

Dillo10 Wed 30-Sep-20 16:29:36

Thanks for the heads up!
10am Xmas eve booked
We go to my mums every year and I always make all the "sides" from scratch - cauliflower cheese, red cabbage, stuffing etc.
This year I will be 6 months pregnant so it's all going to be M&S!
Added a Colin and a cranberry topped pork pie for good measure wink

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