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Lets see your trees!

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MrsMotherHen Fri 01-Dec-17 11:58:50

We have our first one up in the kids play room a little 4ft one. Tonight me and hubby are tackling the 8ft one for the hall then the 6ft one in the living room.

Me and the toddler did theres this morning which was fun! never again

Have you got yours up yet?

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 01-Dec-17 12:04:42

That's really pretty OP! I can't photograph mine as my phone's out of order! Mine's a big real one with warm white lights and a mush of old glass ornaments...all colours!

Looking forward to seeing them all!

buckbeak Fri 01-Dec-17 12:06:08

Love my tree. Need a few more decs for it though.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 01-Dec-17 12:12:56

Oooh! Frosty! I love it.

MrsMotherHen Fri 01-Dec-17 12:24:32

I love real trees spam we usually have a real one but snice weve had kids weve always had fake next year going to get a real one i think.

I love a frosty tree buckbeak!

ThatsMySantaHisBeardIsSoFluffy Fri 01-Dec-17 12:28:13

There's our tree, decorated by me. And the kids' tree, which looks like it's been dragged through a Christmas shop backwards! fgrin 🎄😂

MoanaofMotunui Fri 01-Dec-17 12:38:12

Ohh OP I love your little bird houses 😍

Unfortunately we're not putting our tree up until DP relents and moves his hobby table into the kitchen (hopefully sooner rather than later as he gets desperate to put the tree up as soon as December starts!)

I will be very grateful to have something other than his warhammer plastic crap to look at for the next few weeks 😂😂

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 01-Dec-17 12:51:25

Hen I do like a good fake though...I have a lovely one from Balsam Trees and I am planning to put it in the kitchen. I like their more predictable branches...easier to decorate and no mess!

FucksakeCuntingFuckingTwats Fri 01-Dec-17 14:06:50

Do post your eight foot one when up op! Love a big tree.

Maudlinmaud Fri 01-Dec-17 14:11:02

Lovely trees. Our's aren't up yet.
Where's your light fitting from twats?

OhOurBilly Fri 01-Dec-17 14:19:16

I hope the baby goes to bed at a reason hour tonight (amd not 10pm like he decided was an appropriate time last night! ) so I can put mine up!

WhatCanIDoNowPlease Fri 01-Dec-17 14:34:23

Love all these! I'm sure I'm not the only one looking at all the backgrounds too, checking out the wallpaper, curtains, pictures............

Joanne1991 Fri 01-Dec-17 16:19:01

I put mine up last Friday

FucksakeCuntingFuckingTwats Fri 01-Dec-17 16:35:05

Maudlin they are from b and q.

FireBreathingUnicorn Fri 01-Dec-17 16:39:33

Think I need some more green.

FireBreathingUnicorn Fri 01-Dec-17 16:40:07

And a hoover under it blush

Maudlinmaud Fri 01-Dec-17 16:42:41

Thanks twats, I've been looking for something like that. Hadn't thought of b&q.

FucksakeCuntingFuckingTwats Fri 01-Dec-17 16:49:44

That's them there. They are super bright, I always leave a couple of bulbs dead to make them not so bright but you can't notice at all.

guestofclanmackenzie Fri 01-Dec-17 16:49:46

Here's ours...😊

guestofclanmackenzie Fri 01-Dec-17 16:50:30

Sorry I've no idea how to rotate the photo!

Annwithnoe Fri 01-Dec-17 19:15:27

I love your kids' tree. I think it's my favourite so far blush
the others are all lovely too

whatkatydidnext1 Fri 01-Dec-17 19:59:14

I love your base. Just seen them on amazon but I want to be able to get one tomorrow. Can I ask where you got your please ? Has anyone seen them in the shops ? I did notice John Lewis sell them but that’s a bit more of a trip confused

Lovemusic33 Fri 01-Dec-17 20:40:00

what apparently home bargains are selling them if you have one near you. They have been seen in Poundland too but not for £1. I’m after one too.

salsamad Fri 01-Dec-17 20:45:46

Here's mine...i wasnt intending to do it until tomorrow but I got the tree out of its box to put the box back in the loft and once I started I just couldn't stop fgrin . I was up until almost 1am last night putting the finishing touches to it. Just need to add some nice gold Lindt chocolate bears.

buckbeak Fri 01-Dec-17 20:47:19

@WhatCanIDoNowPlease I got mine from a garden centre, they sell them in lots of them. The amazon ones are really not good.

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