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Tesco priority slots open tomorrow. But what time?

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TheRavensFeather Fri 25-Nov-16 12:35:02

Got a text saying 'early hours' but what does that mean? As in after midnight? 6am? 8am?

Bobsmum02 Fri 25-Nov-16 13:25:33

Last year I logged on about 6.30-7am and all the slots were still available. Not very happy that I've got to get up early on a Saturday this year, DH usually gets up with the kids on a Saturday so Tesco have officially ruined my only lie in of the week!! 😡

CheeseandGherkins Fri 25-Nov-16 14:04:42

Midnight usually, I'll be checking tonight.

TheRavensFeather Fri 25-Nov-16 15:28:38


Trumpton Fri 25-Nov-16 15:45:32

Midnight for me too .

TheFairyCaravan Fri 25-Nov-16 15:47:55

I'm staying up too!

RepentAtLeisure Fri 25-Nov-16 16:52:57

Someone called me about a refund for missing sandwich pickle (why do they feel the need to phone over these things?) and he confirmed that they go live at midnight!

TheRavensFeather Fri 25-Nov-16 20:21:08

Thanks Repent!

dizzygirl1 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:05:53

First time booking a slot! Do we need to have our basket ready or can we just book the slot? Thanks!

HungryHorace Fri 25-Nov-16 21:10:01

What I do is fill my trolley and check out using the last available date. Then when the Christmas slots open I just amend the order and change the date. Bingo!

daisiesinherfootsteps Fri 25-Nov-16 21:37:40

Ooh great tip thanks h*ungryhorace*, off to do that now

IamChipmunk Fri 25-Nov-16 21:43:26

Hungry I do the same! I'll be up after midnight feeding baby Dd so will check then but last year I didn't check til about 6.30am and there were plenty of slots available still.

HungryHorace Fri 25-Nov-16 21:50:32

I woke at 3 last night so logged into our Sainsbury's account and moved our delivery to 23rd Dec; I was rather pleased to get it sorted! fgrin

Sainsbury's delivery 8.30-9.30, haircut at 10 then collecting our Booths order at 2.30, where I can pick up anything that Sainsbury's fails to bring! Job's a good 'un.

TheFairyCaravan Fri 25-Nov-16 23:44:05

I've just done my Tesco slot for the 22nd.

TheRavensFeather Fri 25-Nov-16 23:48:41

I want the 23rd ideally. Only upto 22nd. Will that change after midnight?!

bloodyteenagers Fri 25-Nov-16 23:51:23

I'm sure I got something saying they are only going up to the 22nd.

TheRavensFeather Fri 25-Nov-16 23:52:46

So no home deliveries on 23rd or xmas eve? :/

Trumpton Fri 25-Nov-16 23:58:57

Booked for 22nd . But will hang on a bit and see if 23rd becomes available .

TweeBee Sat 26-Nov-16 00:00:39

I've done the same Trumton.
For extra fun I woke DH up and sent him downstairs for my new bank card because I couldn't remember the security code and am trying to get DS to sleep! Such fun!

TweeBee Sat 26-Nov-16 00:04:15

Trumpton, sorry. My phone thinks you need a different name smile

bloodyteenagers Sat 26-Nov-16 00:06:19

Cannot even get onto the site. On a 30 second timer that keeps refreshing since my last post sad

Trumpton Sat 26-Nov-16 00:16:42

Done 23rd as well . I opened 3 windows at 10 second intervals and got in after 10 mins.

TweeBee I like your style. fgrin

Now to see if I can get back to sleep !

FookyNell Sat 26-Nov-16 00:20:01

This is crazy! I got a Christmas Eve slot last year without being a priority early doors punter, tonight as a pre-paid I'm watching a timer refresh, WTAF?! It's groceries, not HPATCC tickets!

TweeBee Sat 26-Nov-16 00:20:10

Have you booked both then Trumpton?
I'm worried about trying to change my slot and losing both. Trying to not be ridiculous but want my fruit and veg to be nice. Our greengrocer has closed this year alas.

bloodyteenagers Sat 26-Nov-16 00:20:23

Got in. Odd, whilst it was refreshing got the last letter from them clearly said the 22nd.
Checked an email I had from them, after midnight 23rd and early on the 27th there will be a limited amount for Christmas Eve morning.
I always play it safe and get a slot for early on the 23rd. That way anything missing I'm not in a supermarket on the 24th.

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