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Personalised story books

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NotPennysBoat Fri 04-Sep-15 20:37:50

When I was a kid I had a story book which was personalised with my name, friends name, town where we lived etc, and I'd love to get something similar for my DD.

I've done some extensive Googling but can't find what I'm looking for. I DON'T want Disney or character stories, I DON'T want to add photos, I DO want to be able to add at least one friends name in addition to DDs name. I'd rather it not be Christmas-specific.

Has anyone seen anything like this, pretty please?

Andcake Fri 04-Sep-15 20:42:20

I am sure I saw one being advertised as a fb ad last Christmas and have seen an ad in a Thomas the tank engine annual. So they do exist but just now have been able to find any real links. So no real help
I had one to as a kid and loved it

Datschi Fri 04-Sep-15 20:46:35

We were given a nice one last year from the RNLI. (It was Christmas specific though.) It's called something like ChildX and the Great Christmas Rescue, and features the child calling the coastguard, and Santa being rescued by a lifeboat. DS absolutely LOVED it. I don't think you could add any other extra names though - ours doesn't have any anyway.

Perhaps other charities might do their own versions.

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Fri 04-Sep-15 22:32:29

I know the kind of book u mean - I got a leaflet in a parcel for them last year.. there was a company they did allsorts, there was some character ones but also non character stories. Cant for the life of me remember the name, can picture the leaflet perfectly!!

I looked at the website but in the end went for a lost my name book. It was beautiful and my daughter really enjoyed it grin

Hoolit Fri 04-Sep-15 22:34:48

Yes we had one years ago, it was a football story for my ds. It was from Ireland. Sorry not a lot of help although dsl would never let us read it hmm

Stradbroke Fri 04-Sep-15 22:36:02

Look at the new book from the people who do the little boy/girl who lost their name.

I think it might be what you're looking for

JoyceDivision Fri 04-Sep-15 22:38:08

They are prettyeasy to get hold of, however they do print whatever you write in the box, so when myMIL wrote dc name, eg MINIJOYCE1 and MINIJOYCE2 then added MINIJOYCE(COUSIN) it was printed the same in the book: in capitals with brackets...

Some one got my dc a peppa pig one, and it was fab, glossy book, with dc name on title page, dc drawn on cover in peppa pig character / drawing style and she had specified his hair /eye colour so it was obv dc

I sobbed like a daft blubber when I opened it blush

futureme Fri 04-Sep-15 22:45:10

Oh I'm joining in. Ive found a few but I need one for a bright 7 year old reader and one for a nearly 4 year old reader and not the same ones but neither one so much better the other wants it!!

I foudn the xmas one I had on one of the sites, they're still doing it!

NotPennysBoat Sat 05-Sep-15 06:52:38

Yes NoCuts that's the one I'm talking about! I've seen dozens of leaflets for them over the years - in the Sunday papers and in various parcels. Now I want to order though I can't find the bloody things!

Would appreciate the info if anyone spots one over the coming weeks/months.

NameNumber2 Sat 05-Sep-15 07:13:34

I think this is what you are after, it is a lovely book:

NameNumber2 Sat 05-Sep-15 07:33:24

We have the Who Stole My Roses book, it has siblings, best friends, invisible friends, pets and the ladies really work the story around your child. But is not a form filling exercise but an email conversation to set up the characters.

NotPennysBoat Sat 05-Sep-15 09:06:26

Have you got a link for the Who Stole My Roses book NameNumber? I can't find it on Amazon...

Jessica78 Sat 05-Sep-15 09:30:20

Slightly different but related - does anyone remember the company that does the regional Night Before Christmas books? I've googled and can't come up with anything? thanks!

BonesyBones Sat 05-Sep-15 14:12:32

I haven't had time to read the full thread yet so sorry if it's been mentioned but can I recommend "my Christmas adventure"

I had it as a child when everything was done by mail order and was convinced it was true, got it two years ago for DS and he's convinced too. It's a lovely story.

BonesyBones Sat 05-Sep-15 14:14:33

Oh sorry I see you don't want Christmas specific, I just assumed, with the Christmas topic.

My recommendation still stands though

NameNumber2 Sat 05-Sep-15 17:45:39

best personalised books

GetTheFudgeOutOfRodge Sun 06-Sep-15 01:30:15


Has a few that aren't character based nor Christmas and not photo uploads.



Does the classics like Alice in Wonderland, Black Beauty etc.

Jessica, did you mean the Santa Is Coming To books, based in your local city or county?

Thanks for sharing Joyce, I'm going to order the personalised Peppa Pig book for DDs birthday (8 days before Christmas! confused)

Jessica78 Sun 06-Sep-15 09:31:27

Yes Fudge! Thank you!

PotteringAlong Sun 06-Sep-15 09:36:14

My DS had the personalised peppa for Christmas and he loves it!

GetTheFudgeOutOfRodge Sun 06-Sep-15 13:22:53

I was trying to find them myself not that long ago Jessica. I spent ages Googling as I'd completely forgot the name of them!
It is now firmly saved in my Amazon wish list to be bought later wink

How old is your DS Pottering?
DD will only be two and I'm thinking maybe I should wait until next year as it probably won't make much sense to her now, but they look so cute!

EmGee Sun 06-Sep-15 20:12:06

Fudge - I was disappointed with the Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly books I got a couple of years ago (from Pen Wizard or sthg like that). The pages starting falling out quite soon after we got them. A shame because they were very sweet!

LaChatte Fri 11-Sep-15 20:58:20

Thanks to this thread I've officially started my Xmas shopping and ordered a Snap Dragon one for 5yo bookworm DD grin

NameNumber2 Sat 12-Sep-15 06:16:23

They are really lovely I hope DD enjoys it as much as my DD did, my add received it age 5 and still enjoys it.

LaChatte Sat 12-Sep-15 07:56:12

I can't wait for it to arrive now, I might end up giving it as a birthday present as she turns six in November. She can read in French but is just starting in English and is very hesitant, so I'm hoping this will encourage her a bit!

RedToothBrush Thu 24-Sep-15 11:32:03

If anyone wants a discount code for Lost my name


15% off.

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