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getting my employer to allow p/t without losing my status?

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aaaj · 29/06/2003 20:38

Hello out there,
This is my first time ever in a chat room and I am desperate!
Can anyone offer advice. I am a branch manager in a retail bank and am working full time with 2 boys (being looked after by my mum and mum in law. I am exhausted. I leave the house at 7.30 and get home about 6.30pm. then need to pick up my boys (age 7 and 2) and then have to start being mum and housewife. Age old story, I know, but my main concern is that I have now reached a decision that i need to work part time. not only because i am exhausted but because i miss my babies. i want to take my older son to school and pick him up. I want to enjoy the last of my baby's pre school days. I think that my boss will say that they don't want part time mgrs and that i will have to take a step down. I have wrkd hard to get where i am and don't want to lose it - but on the other hand i think that i will soon 'lose it' if i don't do something about it. any advice??

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SofiaAmes · 29/06/2003 22:00

How about going in armed with some stats on job sharing and how good it can be for the employer. Maybe you should also figure out exactly how you envision your job being done with you working part time and put that in writing clearly and concisely so that your boss can spend some time with it. I would guess that if your boss has a hard time with your going part time, it's because of the fear of the unknown and if you remove the unknown it might be easier.


twiglett · 29/06/2003 22:30

message withdrawn


aloha · 29/06/2003 22:30

The thing is, you don't know what he'll say until you ask. I think we often think things will turn out badly, assume they will and never do it. Friends of mine have been amazed by how positive employers have been towards p/t work. Don't let your fears get in the way. I can completely understand how you feel. I decided against f/t work for similar reasons. I think that all you need to do is think a bit about what you really want (3 days, full days, or five days shorter hours or whatever) and present that to the boss with reasons why it would work (not too elaborate!). You may well be surprised by their reaction.


Metrobaby · 29/06/2003 23:14

aaaj, Sis gave me recently the dti guidance link recently. It explains quite clearly the govt's requirements for employees and employers for the request for going part time.

HTH - and good luck


jasper · 29/06/2003 23:52

aaj I worked full time for about two years when I first had my kids and it was really hard going so I know how you feel. I am very familiar with the feeling of being about to " lose it".

I am also an employer in a very small firm. We have two full time employees who are loyal and hardworking. If one of them asked to go part time ( for whatever reason) we would work things around to best try to accommodate their request. Employers value good employees so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking. Your employers are legally obliged to consider your request. Best of luck.


M2T · 30/06/2003 08:42

I don't have much knowledge of this, but it sounds like a great idea. I would love to be able to consider it, but for now it's not an option for us. Great advice for consideration in the future though!


ghengis · 30/06/2003 09:13

aaaj, I don't think your employer has much option. These days (see DTI link), all employers have to seriously consider requests from parents to work part-time or flexible hours so that they can spend more time with their children. They have to have very good reasons for denying you this right.

It is important that you make your reasons for going part-time clear and put it all in writing to them.

I did this a year ago and also suggested an effective date which gave the company (a large Insurance firm) about 2 months notice. That way I was allowing the Co. to put plans in place to cover the times when I would not be there. I then arranged a meeting with my line manager and put the whole thing to her. Basically, they didn't have a leg to stand on.

DO NOT volunteer to accept a lesser job. It is the Co.s' responsibility to make sure they cover your absences from your regular job. Make sure that you agree what you will/will not be doing from that date e.g. if you do 3 days a week you need to decide what you cannot do in the 'extra' 2 days. Don't try to do 5 days work in your 3 days!

Hope all goes well.


M2T · 01/07/2003 12:38

Aaaj - Have you had any more steps forward? You seem to be awfully quiet. Maybe you're deep in negotiations with your boss...


aaaj · 02/07/2003 20:08

Thanks everyone for your valued advice. it really helps to chat with those in similar situations. I am now putting a prop in writing and arranging to see my area manager. will keep you updated. and thanks again.

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aaaj · 02/07/2003 20:17

also wanted to thank in particular metrobaby and ghengis for the fab dti link and really constructive advice. cheers j

OP posts:

M2T · 09/07/2003 11:33

aaaj - Have you drafted that proposal yet??


Manfwood · 09/07/2003 12:20

Try this link here to parents at work website - lots of useful tips and also a section for employers too! First time trying link so hope it works here

good luck


M2T · 03/08/2003 21:24

Aaaj - Any news yet?? It's been a wee while and I'm really curious as to how it went.


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