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Nursery schools

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morley · 12/06/2003 00:29

I'm about to look at local nursery schools for my dd who is currently 26 months old, hopefully for her to start when she is 2/1/2 to 3 years - are there any questions you wished you'd asked or points you wished you'd clarified before sending your little ones to nursery school? I'd be very gateful for any tips.

OP posts:

Sheila · 13/06/2003 12:32

Dear Morley - yes loads! Rather depends on how long your dd will spend at the nursery - I'm really talking about a day nursery rather than a nursery school, but maybe it will be helpful anyway. I think it's a good idea to be clear about the following especially:

Staff turnover - many nurseries find it v. difficult to retain staff (crap pay, hard work) and it can be really upsetting for a child to just be getting to know a carer and then they leave.

Holidays - maybe yours will comply with school terms but some nurseries are open every day of the year except Xmas day and boxing day - a great boon if you work.

Parents committee - these are really useful as a way of lobbying for improvements, supporting nursery intiatives etc. Also a good way to meet other mums. Not all nurseries have them.

Hope this helps.


54321 · 13/06/2003 16:35

from experience one thing I would say is give yourself chance to watch the children and then watch the staff, especially the staff and what they are actually doing. Are they still setting up for the day or are they prepared for the day and busy with the children?


Claireandrich · 14/06/2003 11:00

I'd say to go for your own gut instinct too. If you visit and have a look, have a wlak round, chat to staff and children and see how you feel. I visited two nurseries for DD - before she was even born. The first was okay but I just wasn't sure and still don't know why. The second I knew straight away that it was the one for us.

At the age you are talking of maybe looking at the OFSTED report might be useful too.


bundle · 14/06/2003 11:28

look for mix of staff ages, experience etc, also outside space for running around and I think it's important for small/older children to mix at some points in day & be able to socialise


eidsvold · 14/06/2003 14:05

Having just had to find a nursery/childcare for our dd - your gut reaction is the biggest thing. I went into one and within a minute or less knew it would not be the one for my dd - the tour and discussion just confirmed my thoughts. Then I visited one that was fine but it just did not feel right. The last one my husband came with me and we both knew it was the place for us. The subsequent discussion and such just confirmed it.

What I really liked was that the kids there looked happy - all wanted to say hello and good bye to us, the staff looked like they were enjoying themselves and enjoyed being with the children, lots of the children's work in the walls, bright, light, airy, outside play area....

It sounds silly - but you just know...l.

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