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maternity rights

4 replies

colette · 09/03/2003 17:40

Can anyone advise me of the new legislation concerning mat leave?. I work p/t and have worked for the same company for 9 years. At present we are going thro' a merger and my immediate boss quite often mumbles something about filling in forms re. mat leave but I feel time is flying in and I would rather know about it myself before speaking to her.

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colette · 09/03/2003 17:41

I forgot to say I am 23 weeks preg!!!

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katierocket · 09/03/2003 18:16

This site is really good - has all the info you'll need.

good luck


colette · 11/03/2003 21:12

Thanks Katie Rocket

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colette · 11/03/2003 21:13

Thanks Katierocket

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