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Freelance editing - what to charge - URGENT

2 replies

Hilary · 25/02/2003 10:52

My sister has landed some work doing freelance editing. The only problem is that she has been asked to name her price and doesn't really know what people who do this charge. She needs to give a quote soon so if any of you who do this kind of work could reply soon, that would be great.


OP posts:

clary · 25/02/2003 17:14

Hilary, is this as in journalistic type editing (ie sub-editing)? If so then I would have thought a day-rate of £70-£100 would be reasonable, perhaps even more. That's outside London by the way. If it's book editing or similar then I don't know, sorry. If it's piecework as it were then it might be easiest if she worked out how long it would all take her and did a fee based on a reasonable day rate. HTH


Pimpernel · 25/02/2003 17:54

Have you tried looking at the National Union of Journalists web site? I think they publish a guide to freelance rates. HTH

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