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Are there any nurses/midwives who can share their experience?

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Unidrama · 06/03/2023 09:34

If you are a nurse or midwife working on a ward, looking after multiple patients, how do you multi task giving medication to each patient? I imagine that through your shift you will be faced with many different issues, whilst being hungry, needing the toilet and trying to give care to all of your patients. I can’t imagine trying to remember all of the drugs and dosage calculations, what if you run out of time and your patients are in pain?

I know you will get used to it eventually but I’m more concerned with newly qualified nurses and midwives. Do you have any tips or advice for someone who is thinking about training as a nurse? Personally working in a clinic, GP surgery or in a specialised department would be my goal however, I know that will not be possible without gaining a few years of experience on a ward. I don’t mind while I’m a student however once fully qualified I worry I will be left alone with no support. I’ve seen it happen as I currently work in a hospital.

I deal with multitasking every day and I keep a tiny notepad in my pocket to remind me of stuff. I don’t know how I would cope knowing peoples lives are in my hands. If I was given the right support then I would feel differently about it, but as the NHS is terribly under staffed I think I will not be able to cope. Which is a shame as I feel this is the right career choice but this problem is holding me back.

My anxiety is around having multiple patients and losing track of important tasks or running out of time. At least with a clinic patients are limited to an appointment each and I find that will help ease my anxiety as it will break down each task. On the wards any emergency can occur which would probably throw me off track, I am interested to know how you guys cope? Thank you

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