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WIRED journalist looking to speak with women in Europe and UK about negative experiences of gig economy work

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Mcarnegie · 20/02/2023 08:49

Hi there I’m a journalist for Wired UK and am researching a story about women’s experiences in the European gig economy.

I’m looking to speak with women in the UK or Europe about their experiences of working in the gig economy using remote crowd work platforms like PeoplePerHour/Fiverr/Guru/Upwork, or through on-demand urban service delivery platforms like Deliveroo/TaskRabbit/Uber. This is is a really broad spread and there are tons more I’d be interested in.

I’d like to hear about any negative experiences that have taken place while women have been doing gig economy work - from finding out they’re being paid less than the men on a platform, to harassment while doing a delivery or job, to feeling unsafe in any way because of their gender.

If this sounds like you and would like to share your story, ideally, we'd speak over the phone this week, and if I used your quotes in the piece, I'm happy to do so anonymously.

Please get in touch via PM or drop me an email on [email protected] with some details of your experience. You can see more of my Wired writing here

Thank you very much. Megan

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