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Stay or Go?

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DinosaurBaby · 12/02/2023 13:07

Looking for advice on whether to stay in my job or leave. I enjoy the work, I am good at it (objectively!) and it mostly suits my needs. I have been doing it for ten years so there is that comfort zone element.

Downsides are that a single colleague has complete favouritism and policies are amended in his favour. He has manoeuvred himself into a place of control. This is not based on his performance, which is sub-par (this is not addressed and won’t be). This isn’t just my opinion but well known within the business and externally. The result is that daily working life is spent walking on eggshells as things change on his whim. It’s deeply stressful and is bleeding over into my personal life.

My skill-set is niche. Not many people do this. I have an opportunity to jump ship for slightly less income but likely significantly less stress, but would be bottom of rung. I am worried about starting somewhere new and what that may mean when I am an ‘old hand’ at current business. It is also less secure.

I am not ambitious and I value job security, pay, flexibility most. Issues have been going on approximately five years but significantly increased over last six months.

My question is how do you know when it’s time to jump? There are pros and cons. I have seriously considered leaving three times now but talked myself out. My head is now a mess not knowing which way to go.

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Polarbearyfairy · 12/02/2023 16:08

Leave and don't look back. Once things like this start polluting your personal life AND you know no one at work will help change the situation, it's time to remove yourself from it.

Can you negotiate your salary with the new opportunity?

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