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Excel experts needed! (training matrix)

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Singleandproud · 26/01/2023 18:45

I've been asked to update / create staff training matrixes.

I've designed the spreadsheet, set conditional formatting to
Green - Completed / in date
Orange - 3 months until expiry.
Red - Expired.

Is there an easy way to set it up so that at the Orange / 3 months to go mark an automated email goes out to remind the staff member to book their refresher course?

Ive looked online and have found a way to do it that uses programming and VBAs but that looks far beyond my skill level.

Thank you in advance for any pointers orternative suggestions.

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Damia · 26/01/2023 18:58

Well, I can only think of an auto way with vba, but you could do a formula then if a cell colour is orange put their email address in a certain cell, then another formula to group all those together, maybe on another tab with the rest of the wording of the email. Then you would just need to copy those grouped addys into an email, copy the wording and be done? Or you can save an email into the document and open it, change the email addys and do it that way?

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