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Working hours

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JanetandJohn500 · 26/01/2023 14:15

Please can you HR people help?
I work 37 hours a week (7.2 hrs a day)and get 33 days holiday a year + 8 bank holidays and I buy 3 days of leave for Christmas.
If I wanted to work my hours over 195 days (school terms), how many hours would I need to work each day?

What I've done
(365/7)x5= 260.7 working days a yr
260.7-33-8-3=216.7 working days after deductions
216.7 x 7.2=1560.3 hours per year
1560.3 /195 = 8

Is that right? It doesn't feel right!

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Princessglittery · 26/01/2023 15:19

Firstly 37 hours is 7.4 hours a day not 7.2.

37 x 52.2 (52.17) weeks = 1931.4 hours
33 + 8 = 41 days x 7.4 = 303.4 hours
1931.4 - 303.4 = 1628 hours to be worked

Assume non- working weeks:
2 weeks Christmas/New Year inc 3 BH
1 week Feb 1/2 term
2 weeks Easter inc 2 BH
1 day MD BH
1 week May inc BH
6 weeks summer inc ABH
1 week October
= 13 weeks and 1 day (0.14)
52.17 weeks - 13.14 = 39.03 weeks

1628/39 = 41.74 hours a week or 8.35 (8 hours 25 minutes a day)

If you bought 3 days holiday at 7.4 = 22.2 hours 1628 becomes 1605.8/39 = 41.17 /5 = 8.23 or 8 hours 14 mins.

The first question is are you sure your employer would permit you to work more than 37 hours a week.

39 weeks at 37 hours may be the maximum you can do and this then impacts your leave entitlement.

Another option may be to ask for an annual flexi time solution rather than TTW. So you remain contracted to work 37 hours full time but, provided there is the work, you work an extra 50 mins or hour a day. This time accrues and you agree at the start of each year which weeks you would take as leave either paid or Flex Time. You basically have an excel flexitime sheet for the year - relatively simple to set up, which tracks hours worked and flexi time taken etc. The downside is if you are sick you only get 7.4 hours Credit the same for annual leave etc.

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JanetandJohn500 · 26/01/2023 15:56

My mistake, it is 36 hours a week. That's a great breakdown- thank you!

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