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Maternity allowance

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girlmumma26 · 24/01/2023 17:48

I'm due to finish up for maternity at the end of March, I know I am not entitled to smp from my employer as I earn just under the qualifying threshold but my understanding is that because I am employed I need to apply to them first for them to then tell me they won't pay me.
I have done this last month, handed in my matb1 etc and am still waiting to hear back, when I've asked them about it I was told that they write to employees one month before maternity leave is due to start which won't be until the end of next month.
Is this right? I read online they have 7 days to tell me their decision. Am I then leaving it too late to apply for maternity allowance to be processed for the start of my maternity leave? I'm just stressing a bit that I'm going to be waiting for my first payment for ages because work are leaving it late.
Any advice is much appreciated, Thankyou

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