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Am I just being grumpy with recruiter?

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Flavourflava · 15/01/2023 13:04

Had a call with a recruiter on Friday and I can't tell if I'm just being mean...

  1. She told me she'd sent two job descriptions. One needed a professional qualification that I don't hold, that would be immediately clear to anyone even glancing at my CV. I said I don't hold that qualification. She then asked which job I'd be interested in. Baffling.

  2. She told me the pay range. I said it was lower than my current salary. She asked if it was acceptable. Typically where this has happened, people have tried to sell the benefits package/bonus etc. It was odd to not acknowledge it?

  3. I include 12 years of job history on my CV as everything before that is irrelevant. She emailed to ask for the 10 years before that. I don't work in a sensitive environment and don't work in a DBS-checked role etc.

    I am happy to be told this is all fine and I'm just being grumpy. My feeling was it felt a bit amateur hour and like the company would be a pain in the arse.
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