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New job nerves

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PumpkinSpicedLatte · 14/01/2023 21:56

I start my new job next week after being off work for two years battling post natal mental illness.
I had a covid baby so spent my first year of maternity leave living a very weird life and then handed my notice in last year as I physically couldn’t go to work I was so unwell. I tried to go back but I wasn’t the old me and it wasn’t worth making myself more unwell.
It has been a very tough two years but I’ve made it.

Now I’m recovered and doing well and have got my dream job but my god I’m so scared!! I feel like it’s been so long and I’m getting those new starter nerves.

please help! Any tips or tricks for your first day?

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Iwritethissittinginthekitchensink · 14/01/2023 22:02

Give yourself a massive pat on the back to start with!

Presumably you’ve had to go through an application/interview process recently to get the job?

And you must have worked hard to get yourself on an even enough keel to get back to work.

Big achievements! You’ve got this :)

Did you know… “The feeling of anxiety is physiologically almost the same as the feeling of excitement.”

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quietnightmare · 14/01/2023 22:06

Congratulations on your mental health and your new job.

Tips are...

  1. The physical appearance

    Get yourself a nice new outfit that makes you feel strong
    New bag
    Tidy your nails
    Get your hair done how you like it
    Nice perfume on

  2. mental health
    Get a good night sleep
    New water bottle
    Prepare yourself a lunch the night before
    Notebook and pen

  3. affirmations

    Tell yourself you can do this. You have fought demons I. Life with your mental health so walking into that new work is easy.
    Believe in yourself, they wouldn't of hired you if you weren't the right person for the job
    Remember the first day is always the hardest and you know what if your not happy there stick it out a few weeks while you find something else
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