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I don't know what to do about my job

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Bobbybobbins · 08/01/2023 14:51

I am a secondary teacher, 20 years experience, working PT. Still enjoy being in the classroom but finding since covid we are going back to very full on, judged on exam results etc.

Starting to think seriously about leaving to do something else but a few issues are holding me back and wondering if anyone has an suggestions that haven't occurred to me.

I have two disabled DC which means accessing after school or summer holiday care is a no-no. My husband takes some time off during the summer but we have nowhere for them to go which really limits the type of job I can take on. Their needs also mean that weekends and school holidays are hard work and I often go back to a new term feeling just as tired.

Although money isn't the biggest consideration I would struggle to find anything remotely close to my current pay.

My DM died this summer after a long illness which has probably had an impact on my MH.

I don't know whether to just push on through and focus on what I do like or try something new, whatever that could be!

OP posts:
Passportpondery · 08/01/2023 14:52

There is a great Facebook group called life after teaching which has lots of advice and support for people leaving the profession.

Ive just come out of the classroom and am enjoying a Sunday afternoon chilling at home rather than sat on the laptop planning for tomorrow!

wonderstuff · 08/01/2023 14:55

Would a different school help? Or something else within teaching? I work as an SEN specialist in secondary and it’s a much better balance although comes with its own stress. I’m qualified to assess for GCSE access arrangements which is useful. Would supply be less stressful? Or tutoring?

Bobbybobbins · 08/01/2023 14:58

Thanks for the suggestions. I have thought about supply in my current school on top of some adult teaching (I teach a core subject) so that could be an option.

OP posts:
wonderstuff · 08/01/2023 15:07

I moved from a middle management position in a poor performing school with crap leadership to a non-management job in a high performing school with great leadership and it’s been fantastic. My biggest regret is not leaving my last school sooner.

OneWildNightWithJBJ · 08/01/2023 15:16

Sorry to hear about your mum OP. It must make the job so much harder.

I left my class teaching job a year ago, partly because of the job and partly due to personal reasons. My plan was to tutor while I looked for something else. I earnt fairly well, but still needed to do some supply. I had no luck whatsoever even getting an interview for anything else.

A special school that I’d be in contact with several years ago then got in touch and now I’m full-time there. I love the kids and there are no behavioural issues in this particular SN school. The workload will probably be similar to my last mainstream job though. A bit early for me to tell yet.

Even though I like the new school, if I could have afforded to not go back to teaching, I would just tutor and look for something else.

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