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Maternity discrimination in the workplace: share your experience on the guest post by MP Dan Jarvis

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NicolaDMumsnet · 06/01/2023 15:20

Hi everyone,

MNHQ here- we know that pregnancy and maternity discrimination is something that many of our users feel very strongly about and is something that unfortunately, some of you may have experienced firsthand.

That's why we wanted to signpost our latest guest post by MP Dan Jarvis all about maternity discrimination and why the government must do more to protect pregnant women and mothers in the workplace. Dan has introduced the Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Bill to Parliament, which would change the law to extend redundancy protections for expectant mums and new parents. The Bill has its final reading in the House of Commons on February 3rd.

Dan is interested in hearing users’ input on the Bill, their experiences, and any questions, so he can make sure your voice is heard in Parliament. So, if you have been made redundant while pregnant or returning to work, please do share your story on the guest post.

Read the guest post here.

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