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Worried about returning to work

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swuidge · 30/12/2022 16:19

Am looking for another perspective on this -

So I had my son 3yrs ago and my work refused my request to go part time due to covid/resources, so I ended up resigning.

I'm now needing to return to work for financial purposes and have a 5mnth old as well.

I feel so anxious and inadequate about trying to find a new job and my DH doesn't get it. He wants me to go back full time and says I'll find work quickly and will be fine.

I can't help but feel so lost and overwhelmed with it all and would prefer to do part time as all my wage will go on childcare if full time.

Views please?

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Zone2NorthLondon · 30/12/2022 17:10

Yes return to work FT
childcare costs are proportionally shared between you and dh. Not your sole cost. I read this on mn a lot women stating their wages will
you should work to promote career and increase finances. Long term stability
plus with cost living crisis you’ll need the money
it seems overwhelming only if you focus on potential negatives

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tickticksnooze · 30/12/2022 19:55

I agree that only half (or whatever proportion) the childcare costs are coming from your wage. You're not a single parent so it's not your sole cost.

Why do you feel inadequate?

What specifically do you feel anxious about?

Have you applied for anything?

Do you need any refresher training? Are you going back to the same field or something new? Do you still have any work contacts?

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