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Lookingbackatme · 17/11/2020 13:00

Who would I list for references when I have been a SAHM for nearly 6 years and have not had any contact with my last work place? I have heard through a former colleague there that most of the team have long gone.

My team leader is still there but she was a bit of a nasty person so I wouldn’t trust her to give a fair and decent reference (to anyone, not just me. Classic example was everyone overhearing her on the phone give a reference for a colleague who has just left and she said “if you want someone who will use their brain then she’s not the employee for you.” She’s always shown herself to be the type to not be professional so there is no way I will contact her for one.

My former employer only gives an HR statement saying you were employed in X job on X dates, but I gather most new employers will want to at least contact 2-3 references? I was employed there for 12 years.

I have friends/former colleagues who I worked with years ago who are happy to give character references, and could vouch for me but I realise this isn’t ideal. I have not done any volunteering (was due to start in Feb but it was cancelled due to Covid) and have found volunteer roles have dried up since March so I’m still a bit stuck for references.

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